Rescue Journal

do not take your eyes off her

Carol  ·  Mar. 2, 2009

sleep with your head pointing in her direction.

and if you can manage to sleep with your eyes open, try to do that too.

be ready to leap to your feet in an instant, do not let her leave the room without you.

and if you are too slow because of your creaky old bones and she does manage to get away...bark non stop until she comes back to get you....keep going, don't give up, have faith.
sheesh tony, give me a freaking break.

oh and is dexter he reminds me of...same body and head shape, same gimped up walk, same wheezy breathing, same single minded determination to get whatever it is that he wants....dexter has come back in black and white spots.



dawn it is too bad that you could not come by during the week and spend some time w ith este alone, maybe take her out for a few hours at a time and gradually integrate her into your family. i dont think she is the kind of dog you can just take away and she will be happy. some dogs, like copper i think could make any transition, they fit in anywhere. some do not. i also think lucky is a great dog and deserves a great home, but then they all do. i think este is worth the effort. i hope you do too.


sounds good to me....este probably needs slow and gradual change to feel safe.


I did see Lucky on Sunday, also had a nice visit with Este. We will see, not sure. I would however like to try Este one more time this weekend to see if she changed her mind about me. She was very excited to see me.


just wondering how the fundraiser went. can anyone let us know and we need pics. also did dawn come by and see lucky.


she was trucking around on all 4 feet yesterday,,,came down and ate her supper in the big barn with pete like she used too....the trick is actually getting the meds into her instead of percy the oaf and the glutton....this is easier if she eats down in the big barn.  i am convinced it is poly-arthritis and nothing to do with her feet.

i think every time she gets wrestled to look at her feet it flairs up her arthritis.

nicole has the pics of all the new guys...just waiting for her to have time to post, wesley and work plus the other sickies she has...she is almost as busy as me!


Hmmmmm I think Tony is alot like Dex... but there is someone else that he is reminding me of...except I can't quite put my finger on who it is . How is Edith ? Have you noticed I am no longer calling her Sally... OK you win on that one.

Where are pics of Les ? I should have popped into the house to meet him on the weekend