Rescue Journal

i slept in til 7 am

Carol  ·  Mar. 2, 2009

and then i made the mistake of answering the phone. i THOUGHT it was one of the staff calling in sick but sadly it was about a dog who wanted in. when i am half asleep i cannot think of all the reasons i have to say we are too full, we have no room or money and good lord knows, i have enough to do.

anyway...don't bother to shoot me cuz then there goes the crippled crews mainstay slave... saints is about to welcome..angel a 9 yr old recently blind, recently diagnosed and currently unregulated diabetic rat terrier whose family is in conflict over the cost of vet care. her caregiver is guessing on how much insulin to give depending on how much she pees because her partner won't let her spend any more money to do proper insulin curves and believes the dog should just be put down because now she is costing money to keep...ok, that was a run on sentence, but it was a run on conversation too.
geez...sick dogs in crises apparently don't sleep in on monday mornings til i am awake and can think.




we do but we only random checks...they go into the clinics for the full curves