Rescue Journal

not one of my better days

Carol  ·  Mar. 2, 2009

still struggling with staffing vs funding issues. i am sure we will eventually find just the right balance but it is wearying trying to figure it out.

not happy with the feeling of fullness around here either esp with 2 more trying to get in the door. ah well...been here before, for sure will be here is a tough spot with animals backed up against the firing squad wall.

diablo is missing a big chunk out of his head right in front of his doesn't look like a fight wound...? maybe be the treatment wasn't completely successful and he still has earmites and rubbed/scratched himself raw??? back to the vet tomorrow to have a look and see.

daphne goes in tomorrow too, she is bleeding rectally. since she is not on any meds at all (like metacam,) we know it is not from too high a dose of anti inflamatories....with unexplained rectal bleeding, i always start thinking cancer, i hope it is not.
este, este, este...such an innocent dolt. she was in a pissy mood today and bugging and trying to intimidate fluke at the food bowl. he finally got fed up and nailed her to the ground. he is a good dog, lots of saliva but no broken skin. she is devastated, her feelings are hurt...she is not quite the powerful, fearsome hag that she thought she was. anyway after watching her sadly sulk all afternoon, i decided to move her into the entranceway where she could have her own food and water bowl and feel powerful again.

it was a good plan til phoebe jumped her before we had even gotten inside the door. geez that royally pissed me off....poor este, twice in one day?????!!!!

phoebe for once figured out really quick (for her) that she had just done a REALLY terrible thing. she is quietly laying up in the bed by the tv carefully watching me for any sign of forgiveness. there was no growling or snarling at me when i sent her up to that bed...just a very meek and quite contrite phoebe, relieved to be alive..... she is freaking lucky.

and i am really tired today, i haven't recovered for my last set of shifts yet and i have the peri-menopausal fatigue...i did one double tour and answered alot of indepth thinking questions and no i did not quite get to the year end paperwork thing.

maybe tomorrow. maybe not cuz that new blind diabetic rat terrier arrives, depends on how hard she is to settle.

just a quick word on the new dog les....the next time you see a sadly misshapen creature that does not speak to you in any kind of warm and fuzzy way...remember inside is a warm and beating heart. he really is a lovely and very polite little guy, i am becoming quite fond of him already....he has a beautiful face.



daffy duck, the gloworm whose lite shines out her bum, little miss sunshine...the little sweet, happy, ditzy blonde cocker who i happen to love to absolute bits.