Rescue Journal

and speaking of life long rescue committments...

Carol  ·  Mar. 3, 2009

i just got a call on another "rescued" cat...yes i said no, we are full. but here is something i just don't get.

so ok, this was a member of the public, not a "rescuer" per sec so maybe the terminology is different but still....since when do you "rescue" an animal and then 5 years later think that because you "rescued" it then, (when it was little, cute, and easier to adopt out) it is ok to dump it now when it is not quite so cute and adoptable? actually when you consider the spraying and biting is freaking near impossible to re-home now?

does the word "rescue" to the general public translate into the word "temporary?"

how badly did that kitten need "rescuing" compared to the "rescuing" it needs today?

now that i have to say "no, not now" to everyone, all i can do is just get pissed off. geez i wish people would just say it like it is....5 years ago, i got a free and cute little kitten so i thought hey...what the hell...this could be fun. but 5 years later, the cat is unneutered, spraying and aggressive, i have to move and this just ain't so fun and easy anymore.

but no...i get to hear the history revised wonderful art i? and here is every single refabricated detail to convince you to think i am great too.

does it occur to the re-writers of history that we have heard the same crap a thousand times before?

no you are not a fabulous person for kicking that cat out the door. and why the hell did you not turn it over to a responsible rescue in the first place if you were only going to do a piss poor, half assed job and then toss the poor cat away?

honestly....that cat wasn't was used for as long as it was convenient...rescuers don't use animals and then toss them away, it is against everything we believe.

i can't re-write that cat's history, right now i can't even help re-write its future...all i can do is tell her to call me in a month and we will see if we then have room.

of course....if she reads this, she probably won't call back....but maybe she will keep her cat (and get the poor sexually frustrated thing neutered.)

i have a freaking headache.



The only fake people I see are the ones who refuse to take responisbility for thier own damn problems, and then blame the rest of the world when said problem doesn't disappear. While we are out there spaying and neutering creatures, let's do some humans as well! :p


one lady a couple of years ago called me a fake and a lying bitch for representing myself as a rescue but for refusing to take in her dog....she said it was my job to help people with their pet problems and that's what our donors expected. she said i was a fraud.

if this is fake rescue, i sure as hell don't want to be stuck in the real thing.


Oh lordy. Spraying cats. Poor buggers.

I found a year oldish cat 20 something years ago. Had him neutered, no spraying. Brought another neutered male into the mix. The first cat sprayed every week or so for 14 more years till he passed. *shrug* I have no clue why. ( any ideas why they do that after neutering? )

I should have bought shares in the cleaning product companies.

Point is, I kept Oscar. I switched furniture...all vinyl or leather and I bought him a harness and we walked where other cats lived and he got a lot of the spraying done outside.

I never once thought to "dump" him so it became someone else's problem.

You work through the problems, and if they can't be fixed, you deal with what you have. Done deal.


Great post Carol.

There are many things to despise about fielding surrender calls, but the "I-am-such-a-great-person" ones rank right up there among the most difficult to tolerate.

I also enjoy being berated because we are full, and hearing why the 15 year old cat has to go because he is upsetting the kitten.


You can't teach n rescue the world darlin....stop trying....what part of "full" didn't you understand....SAINTS is hurtin to get by bills NOW... are a bitch....I just wonder who these A$$H0!%'s are...... who don't look after their life long companions til death due them part are??? will never get one of my animals.....well maybe...can ya babysit Chevy on the weekend of the :)