Rescue Journal

so today it was...

Carol  ·  Mar. 4, 2009

2 labs, 2 senior maltese, and a senior border collie with a blown knee that i turn a blind eye to. 4 of the 5 had pictures attached, it sucks to see their faces and turn away.

there were poopy dog foots on my bed today...that sucks too.

suzie is laying on my knee while i write this with her chin resting on my left hand. the problems with this are two, now i just have one typing finger instead of two...and...when she is snarling at tony whose head is also at my knee..i am not entirely sure if she launches, who will get bit, tony or me.

life is a risk when living with mini land sharks.

the T4 results came back on les...he is hypothyroid. i have his meds and he starts tonight so we'll see if this helps his more become less eventually.

nicole has promised to post the new guys photos tonight so everyone bug her so she doesn't forget...i want you to see how lovely everyone is.'

apparently the is carol gay and available? thing is surfacing i am not gay and no i am not relationship seeking nor ever will i be...i was heterosexually married for almost 30 years and i like flying solo relationship-free now despite what others may think that i need. i am also extremely busy with the crippled crew so please just leave my personal self to do my work without all the confusing gender preference/romantically needy or not weird shit flying around.

talk about crossing personal boundries...sometimes it really sucks to be me.



i actually have gotten 4 emails with pics on those labs cheryl...they look very sweet. i don't think people realize a couple of things...a. if we had homes waiting anywhere, our guys would be in them and b. rescuing animals is almost an addiction...we literally DO want to save them all and feel responsible for everyone we can't, don't or won't.

a rescue with 30 dogs does not have a waiting list of homes wanting dogs, we have a waiting list of dogs wanting homes that do not exist.

it sucks but it is true.

cheryl and stef

carol i think the black labs were from me and it was not for you to consider taking...sorry if you thought was am email sent to me and i thought because you come across so many people looking for dogs some might be specific which i think sucks really bad but you would maybe know of someone that was looking specifically for labs....I will not I promise send you any dogs photos again. Sorry Sorry Sorry...


there is only so much you can do, i think seeing the pics would do me in and people know that. what would these people do if you were not there. sometime i think you are an easy way out. not sometimes, all the time. these people will have to deal with their pets and hopefully come up with some solution. do these people think you can have hundreds of animals and afford and take care of them all. i know if you could you would. i feel for the animals that are abandoned, found in the streets and neglected. they ro me are first and should be taken care of. the people that do not want their animals because they have become a burden or god forbid are moving, i feel very little compassion for. not the animals fault do not have an animal if you can nor take care of it. i know that may sound cold hearted, and circumstances change but for the most part they figure carol can have their animals because they just do not want them anymore would you give away a family member just because they have become a problem and cost some money or would you try to help them as much as possible. give it a thought people, before you phone carol, is your animal not worth helping.