Rescue Journal

a little bit more about les

Carol  ·  Mar. 5, 2009

so i was told that this grossly overweight dog, was not too interested in people. he was kind of stand offish. he was not a cuddle or a lap dog and sometimes like after half an hour, he might get up to see where everyone had gone. sometimes he would snap and bite if he wasn't happy about something someone was doing. he used to get kicked around and at least one person in his original home did not like him or ever want him.

so i make some assumptions here as i hear this dog's tale of woe...sounds to me like an unhappy dog who probably never felt truly valued or loved.

and i feel pity for a creature i have never even met. when i first saw him laying in his kennel at the vets, i was truly horrified...i think i described him to someone as this pale fuzzy over grown blowfish with a tiny little head. and i felt my pity grow.

i carried him out to the car and he was soft and soggy like a 36 pound ball of dough and i laid him in the front seat. all the way home i talked to him and i said i would love him and take care of him and really? they were just empty, memorized words that i have spoken a thousand times before. i didn't really think i could love him, no matter how hard that i tried. he just looked too weird like something really gone wrong.

so here we many days later? has it even been a week?

and i was wrong about everything. les is FUNNY. les likes to play (in a very slow and roly poly way) he is very affectionate and likes to make sure that his head is pressed up against me somewhere. he is the perfect companion like poodles are supposed to be....he likes to be with you, he likes to touch you, he likes to play with you, he likes to anticipate your needs. he thinks i am wonderful and he fully accepts as his right the wonder i feel right back. he KNOWS he is a great little dog and he is quite pleased that i know it too.

so i took in les because i felt pity...pity means i think he is less than he is. well, i don't pity him any longer, i am in awe of the goodness and kindness in him.

how long was it buried, hidden from mankinds view...not because he didn't share it but because no one cared that he could?

there is a very big heart inside that oversized poodle body...les reminds me of is like their body grew bigger to hold their endless heart.

be there more or less of les, i don't really care, i am just blessed he is currently sleeping on my bed.


Del (Kings & Molly's Mom)

Cheers Colleen, I think your absolutely 100% right!

I think its awsome that (Les) can finally be what he's always been just never before seen... More!
Keep up the great work you do Carol!
You bring out the best in these Saints!
Hugs Del
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