Rescue Journal

usually a day that starts badly, ends badly too.

Carol  ·  Mar. 5, 2009

angel went ketonic last night...she has been in the vets on IV's all day...they got her blood sugars down from off the charts to around 28 last time i checked at 3:30. i told the vet she better not die...i have only had her for 2 days and i don't need the added guilt..she said she was already heading towards dying when she got in to saints...hmmm. in retrospect i should have figured out that her mental meltdown the other night was the beginning of the acidosis...but since i didn't know the dog, i just assumed she was a little freak out.

anyway, i did see her today and she was wagging her tail and asking to please be let out of that cage so i am going to be positive and think maybe this was a good thing (cuz it looks like she might actually live) and now we can get her blood sugars under proper control and get an appropriate insulin dose.

geez i do get freaking tired of dodging bullets around here...i wish i was quicker on my feet.

i had the grand pleasure of a 3 hour inservice on new revised forms at work today....not my favorite way to spend an afternoon..i like mo's job better...on her lunch break downtown, she was taste testing 3 year old cheese.

i am totally pissed right off at dusty and jack...they just got into a massive fight. jack is a jerk cuz he hates blind dogs entering his space and dusty is a hag cuz for a blind dog, she is a determined and accomplished ass kicker who don't take no shit. i had to shove all of dusty's head and shoulders into a plastic garbage bin to break them both up. then i yelled that they were both BAD DOGS and they better go LIE DOWN NOW and if i heard one more nasty sound out of EITHER ONE OF THEM....I WAS GOING TO SERIOUSLY KICK SOME BUTT TOO!

i guess they decided i meant it cuz they both went and laid down and pretended that they were actually good.

grrrhhhh, fighting really gets me mad, bloody dogs better learn that this is one canine trait that they WILL NOT indulge in don't think i didn't notice that some stupid dog's freaking tooth took a chunk out of my knuckle and i don't care if it was an accident either. totally wrecked my happy home coming for the inside guys...the barn guys and the ducks got a happy hello, the big dog room guys got a happy hello, the mp building guys got a happy hello and then dusty and jack got into the fight.

by the time i slammed out their door and headed over to the main happy hello's had all disappeared so i told everyone else to just shut the hell up.

sorry guys, that was just not fair....tomorrow i will come into the house first so if someone pisses me off on my rounds at least these guys won't get a surly greeting from me two days in a row.

i could pretend i am always nice...but honestly i am not.



actually, when i was there on sunday, after returning copper home, jack and dusty got into a huge scrap. no one was backing down, so you had a bucket there and i t hrew it over dustys head so he could not see jack. wow imagine that, i threw a bucket over a blind dogs head so he could not see. am i smart or what. actually, it disorientated him and they separated and calmed down. as for the part about you sometimes not being nice, that just is not true. maybe with people, but not with the animals. see you soon.