Rescue Journal

nicole and saints mourn the passing of wesley

Carol  ·  Mar. 6, 2009

he was a giant goof. he was the worlds biggest doorknob. he was a good hearted, happy-go-lucky guy who sometimes got all worried and anxious about something new.

he was much loved by nicole and she was his beloved best-est friend.

he finished the best part of his life safe and happy inside nicole's warm and generous in contented peace wesley rockstar, we know you had a wonderful life.

all of saints is hugging you nicole.



I am so very sorry for your loss of Wesley. I know that while he is happy where he is he will be waiting for you as well as all of your other animal friends. Be happy with that knowledge and may God heal your heart quickly.

Chris T

You have had a lot of losses Nicole. You are very strong and things will be ok. I am sorry about Wesley.


Nicole I'm sorry for all the goodbyes recently for you and your fur-buds. Condolences never seem enough.


Oh Nicole, I am so very sorry for your loss. Wesley was a great dog. Thank you for loving him and making him part of your family.


Run free, Wes. No more worries, no more pain. Please watch over your mama Nicole. She didn't want to let you go and she is really hurting.
You were a very good dog, Wesley.


you were the best thing that happened to him. i am so happy you found each other. my sumpathies go out to you.


Nicole, so sorry for the loss of your friend Wesley. You were very fortunate to have found each other! Our thoughts are with you.