Rescue Journal

odd habits at saints

Carol  ·  Mar. 6, 2009

some of the animals here aren't really incontinent..they just have weird toileting issues. like...apollo will poop in his box but he has to pee on a fabric bed. we give him a rubber made bed with a fresh towel to pee on every day. shilo will pee in her litter box but for some reason just has to poop on top of the lid. this is hard to clean up because of the lids air vents so we put a towel on top of the lid for her too. maxine needs a very large box or she poops right over the side. endora pees in her bed but poops in the box. sissy will pee and poop on the floor but buddy just has to do it up on a bed. molly has to walk a long poop mile and tony has to lift his leg on everything. some like to pee in the tub, some like to pee in the sink. conan just recently peed all over the clean tea cups and that was kind of disgusting.
but the absolute weirdest thing i have seen was at 6 am this morning with diablo. i watched that odd little three legged cat climb all the way into the giant water bowl. there was about an inch of water in there. i was looking at him and thinking "what the hell???" when he turned himself around, squatted and had a pee.

maybe he needs his feet wet and cold in order to empty his bladder?



There's another book for you to write! Odd potty habits of creatures you have known. :)