Rescue Journal

not so sad tonight.

Carol  ·  Mar. 7, 2009

i am tired...i am overwhelmed by the need of everyone here and today i feel safer cuz it really was a good day.

mo, lynn, laura, lana, laura, brianne, ko, terry and tammy were all here. they did the grunt and the nicer to do stuff that these guys need done everyday and to spend time with the animals here and there so they get their one on one time that they all need.

maggie came out and gave me an update on the new fundraising activities..holy smoke, this is a very efficient and experienced, go getting team. i was in tears at one point not just from the hope that they are offering for some stress relief but from their understanding of exactly what it is that we need. this is not a group that needs babysitting, it is not a group of just words...this is group of people who know exactly how to get things done, they develop their plan, they work out their strategy, they each take on a role and they get the work done. AND they can do it without much needed from me.

maybe god was listening or maybe he just got tired of my whining. whatever, saints is now blessed at least for awhile with something we really badly needed. this group is not exclusively for saints, they will be helping others too but i am so thankful that they are starting with us. i want to give them a name...i know it is corny, but honestly, right now they really are our guardian angels so for short i will call the saints G.A.'s

jesse is here, he really is a very nice dog. he has managed his admission day very well and met most of the other dogs. i already know he is going to be a favorite, he has a very soft face. i don't quite get the difficult history behind him but we will see how things go.

angel....apparently like every other dog on earth, the way to angel's heart is thru her stomach. she got 2 potato chips and spoonful of vanilla ice cream and i got three tail wags. i will have to be careful because of her diabetes but a tiny bit here and a tiny bit there will hopefully help her to feel better about being here.

she really is very cute.



i am so hoping este is your dog. i love her to bits want her to be happy. keeping my fingers crossed.


On another good note for today, Este is having wonderful day with us. I think she may stay..Everyone please keep your fingers crossed for us that we have a peafull night and an even better day tomorrow. She is one lovely sweet dog, one that I hope will make up a big part of or family. The house has not been the same since the loss of Cruz, we need a sassy lady to keep Nelson in line around here.


yep but that is nicole and zoe's project and i think sheila is going to help out with some of the stuff too.i think they are planning may or june but am not altogether sure.