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Carol  ·  Mar. 9, 2009

175 more thoughts to go.

i got home late tonight..most times if it is quiet and i have seen all my clients and my paper work is done, i can sneak out early and answer the pager and cell phone away from the office.

tonight no such luck...busy to the bitter end and 20 minutes beyond....2 hours late for the animals insulins and feedings...that sucks too.

and then i start digging around in the cupboard for cookies and milk and there are NO cookies (ok there are cookies but not the kind i want to eat)

ratz!!! then i remember the strawberry tart that lynne brought me on the weekend...mmmmm, thx lynne!

two days in a row i have come home and first tyra and tonight lexi are out in the cold in the big dog yard....ouch...these are kitchen/little dog/cat room dogs...these are MY dogs...they don't live in the big dog room. their feelings were hurt, they thought i did not care anymore and had demoted them to homelessness. i had to tell them it was just a mistake.

and speaking of my dogs....carrie found a not so new puncture on tyra's side today. it is phoebe level, and it is a few days old and i am not thinking too kindly of phoebe again today. carrie took her down to the vets and they shaved around it so we could keep it clean but it is too late to suture. it will have to heal on its own and i am so sorry tyra that phoebe probably got you again.

don't even think i am picking on phoebe unfairly...she nailed suzie on the tip of her ear already today.
note to all..phoebe is to be shut in the crate by the front door with any comings and goings of any dogs and she is NEVER to be in the kitchen or the little dog room again. she is to live in the entrance way. she can come out when they are long gone and then she can catch up and go join them on the field runs when they have lots of space to stay out of her way.

god that dog is hanging by a freaking thread on some of her most haggish days. tonight i would like to take that thread and let her really hang for awhile from some lonely tree branch out in the dark and the cold.

tyra and suzie think this is one of my better ideas, screw caregiver guides, they prefer a torture phoebe the hag manual.



That's awesome news Dawn....I'm so happy for Este! She is a sweet girl and will love having more exclusive love & attention.


Este will stay with us, she is a great dog and has adjusted well the second time around. YEAH!!!!


Este will stay with us, she is a great dof and has adjusted well the second time around. YEAH!!!!


jacks name is still posted inthe big dog room. is he not always in the mp room. also how did este do with dawn.


there actually are small white index cards on the walls in each room with the animals names of who belongs in there...methinks we need something bigger and more noticable!


We NEED in every room a smaller version of the message board in the kitchen. On this board we NEED what animals are to be in each room. This board must be kept updated if room assignments change. I was up at Saints last night and saw Lexi in the big dog room...thought it seemed wierd..but didn't want to move her in case there was a reason I was unaware of that she was out there...shit I should have went with my gut!! If we have room assignment boards we can all know easily who belongs where!!