Rescue Journal

damn freaking freezing weather

Carol  ·  Mar. 10, 2009

i can't sleep...i got to bed just after 1 am after i had checked all the rooms and covered the short haired chilly guys with fleece.... i watched the last half of "guarding tess" to unwind (shirley maclaine is wonderful as a strong and pig headed woman)...i turn off the light, settle the dogs up close to me, yelled at tony and 4lane to quit their freaking bed arguing..looked at the clock...2:06...hmmmm....

shit! a thought just hit me....did i close the outside office door?...i opened it, i watched lucky lumber out with her red stuffy devil in her mouth to have a pee....i went back to do the diabetics...crap.... did i shut the door when lucky came back in????

i couldn't remember...maybe i did, maybe i didn't...if i didn't she is going to freeze.

double shit, i grab my slippers, sprint out across the yard, door is open, lucky is asleep on her bed. i turn up the heat to warm her up, close the door and sprint back to the house and now my feet are freaking freezing.

there is no way i can sleep with frozen feet.

i am running a hot bath, now i won't hit my bed til 3....geezus frikkin gawd i have a sucking, useless, not sleep friendly memory.

sucks to be directly responsible for comfortable climate control for a bunch of old bodies...including my own frozen feet.



I agree. Damn freezing weather! Filling barn water buckets with water from the shop royally sucks!