Rescue Journal

blue skies today...yay!

Carol  ·  Mar. 11, 2009

so happy that este successfully made the foster jump on her second attempt.....thx dawn for another dog's happy ending.

jesse is being a bit of a pain but that is probably because i took him off the anti-anxiety meds when he arrived. i like to see the real dog, drug free before i make any lasting decisions. he is bugging the cats and guarding the food bowls. i will put him back on and see who he is then...cuz he might just be becoming a pain because he is settling in...being a pain might be quite normal for him. (like everyone else around here except...les and daphne)

we finally put angels cage on the floor so she can go in and out on her own. which means i don't have to pick her up and get bit every day. she came out last night, climbed up on my bed and that is where she has stayed. i told her she is going to really have to pee this morning and i really hope she gets off the bed to do this...she just snuggled deeper into my bedding and my very soft memory foam bed topper thing and went back to sleep.

if she pees up there, the sheer volume because of her diabetes is going to completely destroy that foam thing. please angel don't make me choose...getting bit or saturated bed... get down to pee on your own please.

we re-arranged my bedroom yesterday...this arrangement is not as esthetically pleasing BUT it works better for the dogs and there are more of them to please than me. but i did really like how it looked better yesterday than i do today....sigh, someday.

the real advantage is now all of the dogs, including 4lane and les and daffy, can get up on the bed on their own. they are not so dependent on me to meet this simple need, the re-arranging increased their independence to meet their own bed seeking needs...unfortunately that counts more than my need for esthetically pleasing furniture placement.

last afternoon shift tonight, then 2 days off...yay!

i was too tired for a hot bath last night by the time all the crap was done around here so this morning i am going to take an hour BEFORE i start doing more crap around here, the diabetics have to wait til 9 anyway for their insulin injections cuz i gave them at 9 pm last night.

looks like a beautiful day today..hope it is a good one for all of us and for all of you. just rang...2 sick calls at work...i gotta go in and work overtime this morning to cover clients that have to be seen..shit, this will be a very long shift.

NEVER wish for a good one cuz something WILL mess it up for sure.

everyone have a shitty day and i hope it snows again too.



Actually they are calling for snow friday - sunday.
Hopefully that will not happen, I would like to take my snow tires off and get ready for spring.


it was a nice comment lynn...the good wish brought me bad i changed your wish to a not so nice one so you would not have bad luck too...i was looking out for you!!


that last comment was kind of if you need help later with help in the barn or anything call me on my cell 3027871 or 8267287 i will be more than happy to come up.