Rescue Journal

goin' to the dogs

Carol  ·  Mar. 11, 2009

when i got home tonight...laura was curled up with angel and the little guys. lana was over with the mp guys and schmoozing with marty. that was nice to come home to cuz i worry about these guys being lonely when i am gone in the evenings.

jesse got kicked out of the kitchen..he is turning into an ass with the cats. he is currently in the entranceway cuz i didn't have the heart to fire him out to the big dog room...fluke would drive him insane.

phoebe the hag is currently displaced yet again. so she is in the little dog/cat room with strict instructions to behave herself cuz i won't feel the least bit bad about tossing her over to be bugged out of her brain by fluke. she is all covered up with two blankies and up in a high off the ground bed so hopefully she will go to sleep and stay there.

angel was playing with me tonight..she rolls over for belly rubs, she flaps her little feet, she licks your lips over and over and over again. and now i get why they call them rat terriers...i thought it was cuz they were bred to catch rats...maybe they do or don't, i don't know. but with her pointy little nose and big ears and little buck teeth...she looks just like some cute little rodent cartoon character...very, very sweet!

tony....what an absolute pain in the ass and what an absolute velcro suck. his newest trick is to try to climb up in my lap. he is too big, he is too crippled and he is too all he can get is his front half up on me. and then i am holding this wheezing, breathless, gasping, stiff, bony, rock hard, wobbling dog...its like hugging a big, rigid, pokey point log with COPD.

he seems to really enjoy it but i find it slightly uncomfortable...oh well, not all dogs are soft and cuddly...some feel more like they are heavy and awkward to hug petrified wood.

i just want to say big thank you to the bank of nova scotia. they really support their staff in giving back to the community. they matched our bake sale and pub night that laura put on for us. and yesterday KO came up with a cheque for $1000..their contribution because she as a scotia bank staff member donated XX number of hours in volunteer time here (i can't remember the number of hours, but i do remember the cheque amount)....i think that is a pretty important community committment they have made to support their staff in their volunteering for different charity work. so HATS OFF TO SCOTIA BANK!!!!!! and thank you to their employees who volunteer here too!

foster updates...ben was in the vets today...that old dog has got to learn to slow down...he is hurting himself by being too active. the vet said no more than 15-20 minute gentle more charging around the dikes pretending he is a younger dog..... he is almost 17 yrs old.

and speaking of almost 17 yr old sounds like tucker had a major vestibular attack today. poor boy i bet he feels like absolute crap and will continue to feel rotten for the next couple of weeks.
chris and deb will get him up to the vets tomorrow and in the mean time they are fully prepared and committed to helping him weather this vertigo storm. lucky dog.



Tucker is back home and resting. He does have vestibular disease. He will be ok, but until then he will be kept in a quiet, safe place, where he can just rest. He is being waited on 24/7. He gets lots of kisses and gentle pats. He is so not himself right now and that is very sad to see, but we keep telling him and ourselves that he is going to be feeling better soon.


it is not your fault ben is a moron with peter pan syndrome..but do try to rein him in a bit so he can be reasonably comfortable in his delusional perpetual youth.


i will try to be a little bit less active with ben thanks for not giving me shit on the blog.

Chris T

We are all committed to helping Tucker get through this illness. He is seeing the vet today. Lynn slept on the couch so he wouldn't be alone and has been feeding him little bits of water and gravol to try and calm the nausea down. Angelina gave him a gravol in a piece of spam last night and then he barfed it and she stepped in it! Now that is commitment! The other dogs, especially Sienna and Piper are quite worried about him. We will keep everyone posted!