Rescue Journal

my teeth hurt

Carol  ·  Mar. 12, 2009

here is how stupid i am...i have a very good dental plan...i believe the last time i was at the dentist, was 8?10? years ago.

it is not just the time to sit in that freaking chair and let them goof is the many back and forth appointments...first a checkup, then a cleaning, then whatever work you need done (and i need a lot) plus, trying to schedule appointments for like 8 weeks in the future when i happen to have a day am i supposed to know if i will have an emergency or something more important than dental work 8 weeks from now?

PLUS..i iz ascared of dentists...ok, i am not afraid of dentists, nor am i afraid of needles or even drilling without any freezing (my childhood dentist drilled away like a madman and chuckled if he hit a nerve.) i never heard of freezing for fillings til i was an adult.

my issue is sitting with my mouth wide open for 20 or 40 hurts and it makes me feel trapped and i don't like that. my freaking teeth hurt so i will have to waste the time and suck up the hurt and entrapment and deal with the freaking things.


i bought new pooper scoopers today, it is so HARD to find the good ones, i finally had to order them in....gee everyone should rush on up here and try them out while they are still a novelty and relatively clean.

we have a new printer and fax machine (cuz the bastard cats pissed on the not so old one and broke the freaking thing)...neither carrie nor i know how to hook it up so if someone technical does, could they please come and visit asap?

tomorrow is...stevie the bunny's "neuter" day, it is also nina's surgical "eye out" day and it is...."wrestle the tiny devil goat into a crate" day...edith is going into our companion animal vet for a leg xray. of course today she is walking absolutely fine so i am thinking maybe tomorrow should be..."leave your bloody goat at home and save yourself a headache" day.

tony has figured out how to get up on my bed...oh my freaking god, now i have that wheezing heavy wooden dog actually laying on top of me!!!!

angel is liking me...hah i know she would if she just settled a bit and quit freaking out. jesse seems to like the entrance way...that's good cuz that's his new cat free home. i think the kittens go to their own true home this weekend...poor serena...not a single bit of interest in her and she is the one that suffered so her babes could grow up and live. she is a GREAT, GREAT mom and a REALLY nice cat too.

anyway..once the babes are gone, i will move her into the house.

tiko and tasha are good...i just want to check their thyroid levels now they have settled in. and then they can get all upset again when i move them into the house next.



I can try setting up the printer on saturday. I can usually figure them out.


OK OK OK Carol - I am working on a home for Serena. I know she is a sweet sweet little momma cat. Yes I will be coming out on Sunday with Lynn to pick up the two boys. Her cat Tasha has no idea what's coming!!. I may also bring a potential cat adopter out with me too. Did you get the photo I sent of Nudge?