Rescue Journal

rules for pets

Carol  ·  Mar. 12, 2009

know your limit, stay within it.

i am not necessarily talking about just numbers, i am also talking about knowledge, committment and responsibility.

limits protect you. limits protect the animals. limits prevent broken promises that just cause more pain.

animals require the same dedication and concern as human whatever you are about to do or not do..better stand up to the same measure.

it is not ok to chain a child or make them live alone in the yard, garage, basement, a pen or a crate 24/7 or even gasp..10/7.

it is not ok to not provide a child with proper medical care or to play witch doctor with them yourself.

it is not ok to give a child away or leave him/or her tied to a fence of a child shelter somewhere.

it is not ok to not seek professional counselling if your child is having emotional problems.

it is not ok to euth. your child because he/she has become expensive, a pain the ass or you just do not have enough time.

it is not ok to allow your child to grow up without a decent education and some basic social skills.

it is not ok to remove body parts from a child so they look like the breed standard for children or so they don't damage your furniture.

it is not ok to defend your neglect or abuse or stupid decisions with the words...."it's only a kid."

and it is not ok to have a cute little baby and then give it away when it is a bothersome teenager.

it is not ok to re-home your child because the condo you want to buy does not allow kids over 15 pounds.

AND it is not ok to witness the miracle of birth of a child or to create the "perfect" line bred child specimen and then sell the excess babies to strangers for money to help cover the costs.

how hard is it to understand the word "responsibility?" hard is it to figure out the difference between the words "right and wrong?"



I hear you loud and clear. I have too many cast offs from homes like that. I rescue parrots as well as poodles and I can't believe what I hear. I don't think anyone has come up with a good reason to give up their pets. Other thsan the senior lady who has to rehome her dog because the seniors center she is going to doesn't allow pets... and her family won't take the dog. Her family missed out on a very sweet little dog, and I get to take the dog the visit her former mommy... who is always VERY happy to see her.

Animals are not disposable, and non-negotiable. I am single... mostly because I have not met a man who would accept me and my pets. Given the choice... I will pick my pets everytime, hands down. I may never be rich, but I will always be loved and that is all that matters. As long as they all have what they need and deserve.


you forgot to mention sending the child back because she doesn't match the furniture. Oh and then there's the grandparents! oich! whole new set there! They sometimes leak, they won't eat thier dinner, they scare the baby, the new complex doesn't alow old people. Just drop them off at the nearest old peoples shelter, some one is bound to want a new set of grandparents some where!