Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 13, 2009

it is too bad i can't get one of our vets to do a dental for me...they at least knock their victims out before goofing around with their teeth.

i will finish my tea and then round up nina and stevie for their surgical day....and nicole said she can come and help me round up edith and stuff her in a crate later this animal vet torture day looks like a go for everyone involved.

my bed cannot handle 8 small dogs and al and tony and me...damn that tony for successfully fulfilling his needs.

chyna came back basically for playing too rough with the family shar pei...i just don't get this...all week she has been gently playing with renee's 6 month old chi cross loves auntie chyna.... she's fun.

move thy butt carol, the animals need to get to the vets....noooooooo...i don't want to...i want to go back to bed.

blah. 2 days off is still not enough.


Zoe M.

Nicole and I chatted about this a little bit already at home, but, I would like to propose:
When traveling with Edith, as opposed to putting her in a crate, have her ride along in the front. I have a vision of the car next to you looking over and seeing a miniature goat perched on the steering wheel.
Pure magic.


You need at least a queen sized bed or even better a king size one. Just think of how many more dogs you could please by having more space!


If you are looking for a great dentist in Mission try Dr. Bill & Dr. Gloria Tyler 604-826-9014
Using your reverse thinking....have a "shitty" day!!