Rescue Journal

i need a beer

Carol  ·  Mar. 13, 2009

major dog fight...mine and nicole's fault. copper was escalating over the food bowls and instead of just taking them and putting them up we tried to make sure everyone had some. well, bottom line was copper was not interested in everyone having food...he was into causing trouble and getting everyone going which is just what he did. fluke jumped shrek and shrek fought back, (no one jumps copper cuz he is freaking noisy and everyone is scared of him.) copper waited til both of their jaws were full of each other and then he leaped in too....he is a beagle uriah heep.

he is such a freaking bastard. i hit righteous rage within seconds and beat them all off with the big black food bucket and then for good measure once they were separated, i threw that bucket hard against the wall...except i missed and almost took out the window. this was to make sure they knew how very pissed off i was. fluke and shrek cared, copper basically said "F" you. fiona had already flown out the door as soon as the battled ensued. she is a good girl plus my righteous rage terrified her.

no major damage, shrek has another cut on his nose. copper has a very small ear scrape and still looks quite full and proud of himself. but sadly , he was not mortally injured or killed. it was a 2 minute fight and a 20 minute cleanup cuz i had thrown food everywhere when i was wielding my bucket weapon which serves double duty as a food bowl most of the time.

THEN nicole says...carl is chasing the sheep. and that little castrated bastard is chasing grammy and trying to get her down so he can have his way with her. so i go out and chase him off and look back behind me and ellie is emptying the clean straw out of the walk in barn and dumping it outside on the gravel pathway that i had just raked clean.

nicole came out to help but then pete decided he wanted to battle so he is running and charging and rearing and having a blast. ellie thought she would like to play too so then 700 pounds of pig got the zoomies and started flying around. spritely came charging into the paddock in full high speed cuz whatever was going on in there sure looked exciting.

bed time was relatively uneventful except percy was a bit slow on the uptake and 30 minutes AFTER everyone had calmed down and returned to some semblence of normal, he decided he wanted to play with me.

we all know how i feel about playing with 1000 pound moronic steers so i just threw him some hay and got the hell out of there as fast as i could.

i came back in thru the big dog room, everyone is fine and settled and seems to have forgotten all about the fight except copper is still puffed up and looking like he might be planning on starting something again soon...gawd!!!! that beagle is sometimes just a twisted freaking trouble causing beast AND a royal pain in the butt.

i need a beer and all i have is freaking milk.



Lol... just reading this now & realize now for sure you understand why I sometimes don't do such a great job on the cowbarn/loafing area.... Percy is a Hoot ! I am much better at gaging just how playful he is & just how safe I am . So this is also a reminder to everyone if you are taking people on tours of the place....please don't go right into the pastures unless you are sure you can distract a playful cow while company heads for safer ground ...

Spring is in the air ( I know it deosn't seem like it ) and all the farms guys are getting Frisky.... this is a good thing, it means warmer weather & longerdyas.. it's about friggin time.


LMAO......Thanx for makin my crappy day....a little brighter :) I am surprised it doesn't happen more often.....I guess deep down were all scared of Carol on a rampage.........CEPT that damn beagle.. :( :(


Funny as I was just reading Three Woofs and a Woo blog and her Border Collies had a fight also which never happens..she was as mad as you Carol. Is it a full moon? You and Sheena could decide which one was the angrier..most likely you both were way more mad then the dogs themselves who got into the fracus..