Rescue Journal

we need a talented and efficient horse shaver please.

Carol  ·  Mar. 14, 2009

5am feels really early on a wet and cold saturday when there a bunch of dogs snuggled quite warm and sleepily content on the bed you just left behind.

early shift today...deep sigh.

achieving that warm contentment last night was a wee bit of an that 4lane and tony can get up on the bed...they tried to bring their nightly bed argument with them AND involve the rest of us. all it took was a couple of yelling matches and one of them directed at suzie for trying to find a better spot and they decided maybe the beds down below were a better place for them to be.

it did take a leash attached to their collars tho to get them to actually agree to leave. i will share my bed with a bunch of homeless dogs but i will not share it with selfish, grumpy toads who think they can yell at anyone they please....esp. when i need to sleep.

i, stupid carol...left all the horse blankets out on the fence looks like it rained quite a bit last night so i am assuming my idiocy means i will be hauling 4 heavy, wet, dirty, stinky blankets in my van tomorrow to get them dry and cleaned. sometimes i am my own worst enemy. luckily their spares are clean and ready for pick up from bosleys today.
i should have hauled them into the shop last night...stupidity always has an extra price tag.

i am actively seeking a very qualified and expert horse shaver....i have had it with patience for dealing with lahanie's skin.

his belly is matted, his rain scald is not healing because we can not keep his wounds clean. his skin hurts during grooming so he has to kick out, the scabs are too thick and so is his fur and the vets originally said not to shave. but it has a been 3 months since his arrival and yesterday i looked under some of the really thick scabs and they need to come off so his open areas can be cleaned and properly cared for.
soooo, i have decided to treat his wounds with the same principals that we treat wounds in my human patients, which is clean up the wound bases and keep them clean til they heal.

he will look like a mess for awhile once we expose everything hiding on him but better to see what we are trying to heal and better for keeping his wounds clean.
hence i need an experienced horse shaver to help him please.

i have arranged for the vets to come and sedate him first so it should not be a terribly difficult thing.

so if anyone knows anyone who will come to mission fairly quickly, please pass them on to me. we are not looking for a free-be, and are willing to pay to help him finally put his past life behind him. so if you know someone let me know...please and thank you so much.



ok for copper's night out lynn...thank you for giving him a sleep over....put your garbage up!


he has been suffering and matted and hungry for a very long time. he is also hyper sensistive and reactive because of what he has been thru for the past few years.
we have been dealing with his weight, feet and pain issues while trying to deal with his skin thru gentle grooming and iodine as the vet is not working, we need to be more aggressive with this. now that his other issues are resolving, i feel safer sedating him and i want to move harder on his skin.
people need to understand, that you do not undo profound neglect and damage on a 33 yr old defensive horse over night. it is a process of priorities.
lahanie is not even recognizable as the same crippled bone wrack that came in here. by spring i would expect him to be an entirely new old horse.


I don't understand why the horse has been matted and suffering from sores for 3 months. Just askin'


have copper for the bight hope that is ok am bringing out soup and buns for lunch tomorrow

cheryl and stef

Stef is actually off from the 17th till the 30th so pick a day and she will be there and a time


asap...when is she free on a mon-fri so i can book the vets to come and sedate him first?

cheryl and stef

hey carol when do you need this done...stef is available and she has done our horses enough to know what to do....and also she has really good heavy duty clippers