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here is another one i wrote...this is when annie and kissy and baby jack arrived...i never finished it either, but at least i know what happens next...cutting and pasting is fun!

Carol  ·  Mar. 15, 2009

The Little Wooly Watcher

Three little sheep huddled fearfully in the corner of a small field. The border collies were moving in and the sheep watched them carefully.

"What's happening Annie? What do they want now?" asked little Baby Jack

"I don't know" said Annie, "but be careful and keep together."

Kissy started to cry, "What if they split us up like they did to all the others? I don't want to go away alone!"

"Stop crying Kiss, just keep together, don't let them come between us and we will be fine" answered Annie.

Annie, while the smallest of the three little sheep, was also the leader. She watched and kept the others safe. They had been friends since the day they first opened their eyes in the spring pasture. Their mom's and all their other friends had already been taken away. They were loaded up into big trucks earlier and hauled away wailing with fear. All of a sudden the two border collies charged them. In a split second the sheep were scattered and running in different directions. Annie realized the others were not near her so she abruptly changed direction and ran til she was racing side by side with Baby Jack. One border collie faded away and soon, they caught up with Kissy. The remaining dog herded the three friends towards the looming truck. Before they knew what was happening, they were locked inside.

"HELP! HELP!" called Kissy and Baby Jack "Oh please, someone help us!"

Annie knew no one would save them, no one saved the others that were taken away. She wanted to comfort her friends but she was paralysed with fear. "Annie! what's happening? Help us Annie!" screamed Kissy. But Annie was frozen, unable to move or speak. The truck began to rumble and move, the sheep lost their balance and fell into the soft hay. Annie couldn't get up. They stayed in that moving truck for a long, long time. Then, it stopped and all was silent. After a while the engine started up again and the truck slowly started to move backwards. The sheep were silent, afraid to make a sound. Soon the truck stopped and the engine was turned off again. They heard chains rattling, and locks being thrown open and then the back of the truck fell down with a crash. The sheep stood there, blinded by the sudden light and in front of them there appeared the dark outline of a woman.

"Hello sweethearts, welcome home" and the woman slowly backed away the ramp. The sheep stood there and looked around them. There was a small barn and a paddock area in front of them. "Come on out," the woman called. Annie came back to herself. " Don't anyone move, it's a trick." she said. Kissy and Baby Jack huddled closer to Annie. The woman called out to them again, "come on, no one will hurt you." The sheep did not move. The woman sighed and quietly slipped in the door and around towards the back of the truck. In unison, the sheep exploded down the ramp and out into the paddock. The woman laughed, "silly things, I told you you were safe." The sheep flew to the back far corner, Annie flung herself in a full circle and then jumped and stamped her feet, facing the woman and daring her to come closer. The woman laughed again, "Oh, you are their protector, are you?" "Do you guys want something to eat?" She went into the barn and came back a few minutes later with a big can, filled with grain. Kissy took a step forward. "Kissy stop!, That is a human and humans eat sheep, don't go near her!"

"But Annie, I'm hungry and she's got grain." Baby Jack said, "I"m hungry too!" But Annie moved in front of them and said "NO, it is not safe." The woman spread some of the grain on the ground and walked away. "Can we have some now?" and without waiting for an answer, Baby Jack and Kissy rushed to the grain. Annie moved over to them and leaned down and sniffed at it but she didn't eat any, She was too busy watching the woman watch her. Soon the woman went away. When the sheep were finshed with their snack, they looked around this new and strange place. They cautiously moved together, slowly checking out each and every corner, They found a big pile of fresh hay and a salt lick and a bucket of cold, clean water. ""Hey Annie! Try this ." said Baby Jack as he took another taste of the blue salt lick. Kissy came over and tried a little too. Annie was just too nervous to join them. She was irritated because this was a new and potentially dangerous situation and those two fools were tasting things that could be bad for them. She couldn't watch them and watch out for that woman, and who knows whatever else needed watching for. But soon, she began to relax. The afternoon passed slowly and peacefully, the light began to fade, and then, the woman came back. She opened the barn door and carried in a big pile of hay. She then came back with a bucket of water and another can of grain. They heard her pouring the grain into a bowl inside the stall. She came out into the paddock and started circling around behind the sheep, they moved forward to avoid her. Before they knew it, they were inside the stall. Kissy and Baby Jack headed right for the grain, Annie stood next to them and stamped her feet at the woman, she laughed again. "Gosh you are cute. And very brave too! I think you are going to be my favorite." She closed the door and as she locked the latch, she said, "Good night babies, nothing will ever frighten you again, I promise.

The three little friends finished their dinner and settled down in the warm, soft hay to sleep.

"I think this is a good place Annie" murmured Kissy sleepily. "Yeah, Annie, I think it is too" said Baby Jack. Annie just snorted, and decided to keep one eye open, just in case, and then she too fell asleep.

The next morning, the sheep awoke to the sound of roosters crowing, ducks quacking and chickens clucking. They waited patiently for the woman to come and let them out of the barn. All of a sudden they heard the sound they dreaded most; dogs barking, many dogs barking and it was really close. Kissy said, "oh-oh, I think there are alot of dogs here. I don't like dogs Annie." Annie and Baby Jack waited quietly for whatever was going to happen next. Soon the woman came with more hay and grain. She opened the stall door and the light filled the barn.

"Good morning, little ones. time for breakfast. Don't worry about the dogs, they won't hurt you. The sheep watched her carefully, Annie, stood in front of the others to protect them.

"Welcome to Saints, my little friends. It is a little bit overwhelming at first but you will see, it is a good place." With that , the woman turned and went out into the paddock.The sheep followed her to the door and peeked outside. Outside the paddock fence, they could see several dogs roaming around sniffing here, rolling there, and a few just standing and staring back at them. The dogs were big and small and thin and fat and mostly all just old.

"What is this place Annie?" asked Baby Jack with a tremor in his voice. "I don't know," she whispered. As the woman left the paddock, the dogs surrounded her, crowding into her, licking her hands and pushing as close as they could while she walked away. The sheep could her laughter fading as they all moved out of sight. Once it was quiet, the sheep ventured out into the paddock.


The sheep jumped. standing next to the fence was a very large and not so old dog.

"What are you?" asked the dog.

The sheep stared silently, frozen with fear.

"Can't ya talk?" said the dog peering thru the fence for a better look.

Baby Jack said "we can so talk!" Annie said "SHHH!

"Oh, I see. you are frightened. No need for that. You are safe here. Rule number one is...and the dog switched her voice into a high, sing-song imitation of the woman's voice..."no fighting, no biting and no causing trouble!" "And, I bet she makes a new rule now chasing whatever you happen to be either. She really takes the fun out of being a dog!"

"I am a sheep." whispered Baby Jack. "Baby Jack! Be QUIET!" said Annie.

"Well hello, Baby Jack. My name is Tyra and I am the leader here. I am not homeless like the rest of you, I belong to the Lady."

"What is this place?" asked Kissy.

"This is where animals go when no one wants them. It is called a sanctuary. My lady takes care of everyone and I take care of her." "Oh, I have to go, she is taking the dogs up to the pond and that is my pond, I get to go in first! See you later" the dog called as she ran up the hill.

"This is a very strange place" said Annie,and she was right.

Over the next few days the sheep began to get used to their new home. The woman came to visit them several times a day, always bringing treats. She was constantly surrounded by a pack of old dogs but she never let them come into the paddock area. They just milled around the fence line looking for ways to get in. Soon Kissy and Baby Jack were running to greet her to see what treats she had. Annie always brought up the rear, she would hang back and stamp her feet in warning. Finally, after many days, Annie started to take the treats from the woman, but where Kissy and Baby Jack jostled and pushed to get theirs first, Annie was always slower and more cautious. After about a week, the woman opened the gate to the grass pasture and waited for the sheep to become brave enough to venture thru the gate. The dogs were no where in sight that morning and the woman waited patiently while Kissy and Baby Jack mowed into the sweet and tender grass. Annie wouldn't eat, she was too tense watching for danger and after a few minutes the woman moved them back into the paddock and closed the gate. She did this every day until even Annie began to relax and graze in the early morning sun along with her friends. Soon , she was leaving the sheep alone in the field while they had their breakfast. she would come back an hour later to put them safely back into the paddock. And then one day, she broke her promise.



Love this story!

I am smiling HUGE right now thinking about those sheep.

( finish the story Carol )

I liked that the beginning of the story started at SAINTS. ( but I also like "where they came from" )

Oy. Don't listen to me.


i meant to tell you when copper spent the night he thought i was good enough to lick my face all night long and lick my toes through the blankets he thoroughly made himself right at home here. i will do it more often. ben does not seem to be getting any better. maybe too soo n to tell.

Cheryl Stef

More of this story...i am wondering what it is that you broke your promise on


where is the rest of the story i am going to be late getting ready for work, but was thoroughly enjoying it.


Come on babe.....your a rookie online gal compared to some of us....Cut n paste is basic crap......OH N not all SPAM.....gets to inlarge yur johnson :shock: :shock: :shock:


hey! i have been trying to learn how to copy and paste for years and now i can. i HAVE to practice or i will forget how again AND i have a ton of not finished stories that i can practice cutting and pasting. this is SO not spam! spam has sex things, there is NO sex in any of my stories.


OMG Carol on our website is considered spamming......who the hell is gonna read all this.....we all have lives......copy n paste is not your friend....we love the personal touch you give us....THATS why we come here everyday.........OH P.S. since you closed comments on that last post.....the person that pissed ya off to post that last thread.....has oviousliy has never been to saints n seen what you do for these horse's.....I personally have seen remarkable transfermations on the animals you have brought into your fold....and as a farm boy, redneck,,,,handyman... mofo :shock: :) could not have done any better myself........ SCREW the POLITIC's of Rescue....... n keep doing what you do best YEE without out SIN cast the first stone!!!!!