Rescue Journal

i am pretty stressed out

Carol  ·  Mar. 17, 2009

we have alot of sick cats. in the FELV area...ronnie, asia, betsy, misfit and the rock are all battling a cold. the rock is by far the sickest, he really os not feeling very well. we have moved him into a cage to moniter him more closely and are hoping the meds kick in by tomorrow because he has been on them long enough now. louise is also unwell...but she does not have a cold. i am not sure what is up with her but i am assuming it is not something very good. i think the anemia is bringing her down, she hasn't moved off the couch since i saw her at 7 am this morning..her eyes, nose, mouth, chest and breathing is clear and she just seems incredibly tired and when i looked at her gums tonight, they are awfully pale.

we weren't very careful with our infection control and the cold virus is airborn and it has moved into the medical area. tasha is a bit congested but it is apollo that i am really worried about. because he is a diabetic, he is more suseptible to infection than most. he is so stuffed up that he is not the least bit interested in eating and this is really going to mess up his insulin dose.

everyone is on antibiotics and immune boosters and i started the sickest on some homeopathic decongestants and sc fluids. i called the vet...they weren't too keen to have our germ laden friends hanging out and infecting the clinic...they said to force feed and do the fluids and call them in the morning and let them know how everyone is doing.

al is over his "woe is me" and eddy is driving me nutz jumping on and off the keyboard. tony is sitting next to me trying to decide if he should climb up on my lap stiffy sure wants to be a little lap dog.

i think i got three "i know you are full but...." emails and a couple "if you know of a home..." emails...but sadly not a single..."hey, i won the lottery and i have a ton of money to give to saints." or " i would like to volunteer to work my butt off..." emails...that kind of sucks.

anyway...i am working myself up to a major "get on top of everything and everyone and pick up all of the dropping balls" spastic fix everything fit and this is never too much fun for anyone.

good thing i only have 2 days off....a week and i could turn this place upside down...2 days will only give me enough time to fix up a couple of the bigger things....but next week i have 3 days off!



As much as it may ultimatley be your responsibilty , the burden ( for lack of a better word) rests on all of us that truly love & care for the SAINTS... that is why I said to you the other day .. I am not telling you in order for you to do something... I just want to make sure you know. I sometimes feel bad cuz I feel like I am always telling you about someone or something that I saw, thought, felt or heard.

I was speaking with Helga on the train this A.M. & she would like to put up a whiteboard that she can write messages on that you can see... she truly loves those cats. BTW - At this point Helga puts notes on our volunteer calendar for you to see... I also told her that if she spots something to come out to the barn & tell me.


they are all on lysine and vetamino everyday, they have been since the beginning. plus they have been on interferon, and a few naturopathic things to try as perscribed by one of our vets. the sick ones have been on antibiotics too.

the issue is three fold....the forgotten feline cats brought in a whole new URI virus, none of them have functioning immune when they get sick and we treat them for the secondary comes back as soon as they come off the antibiotics..eventually the antibiotics just don't work anymore because they have to have at least a partially functioning immune systems for antibiotics to work with....

the other thing is...i was in the middle of my working shifts and the message that rock was deteriorating quickly despite his tratments, never got back to me. it wasn't til i was in there on my lunch break on monday that i saw how sick he had become.

our communication lines are not working very well and this would be my responsibility, i have to fix that asap. i also have to make sure i see every single cat, dog, rabbit and barn guy every single day and am more on top of what is happening.

this is hard for me on my working shifts, but it has to be done and i was getting lax on this.


I thought the rock looked and sounded terrible on Sunday. I was actually shocked at the difference between him six weeks ago and now and it takes a lot to shock me. He could barely swallow he was so congested and I wiped his face several times. You know I am fond of Louise and she was about the only one who seemed OK. Miranda was snotty too but still jumping around all over the place. Can you give them a double dose of Lysine??