Rescue Journal

squirt is on my lap and says a "happy good morning" to everyone today...he is so freaking cute!

Carol  ·  Mar. 17, 2009

i will try to at least write a bit more of the sheep story cuz where i broke my promise is bad and it is not right to not at least tell that much of the story....but (there is always a but)...i wrote that back in early 2005 so just keep in mind, it won't be the same...i am not as airy fairy innocent as i was back then (saints dream became the reality and it changed me) anyway.... the writing will now be different i think, or who knows, maybe i can find that softer, purer feeling i used to have.

it is funny tho, because in re-reading a bunch of these early saints stories, i see how much things have changed for me.

al is still feeling sorry for himself...i am working hard at helping him enjoy his current tragedy.

someone is leakng little drops of urine on my bed and i can't seem to figure out who it is..i am leaning towards daphne or angel or maybe chica...but not quite sure who yet.

the snow stuck around again last night...bad snow.

nicole is taking shrek and fiona on a trial soon since wesley decided it was time to join the heavenly sainted crew and give a chance for a home with nicole to someone else. we hope that carly and these guys get along and will eventually share the couch. if not, she is used to separating dogs since carly and wesley couldn't be alone together either. and i am hoping that nicole's fine tuned detector for sniffing out and falling in love with terminal cancer dogs is not working so well right now. fiona had a malignant mammary tumour and shrek had a suspicious mass removed by the shelter down in LA.

or she might just be taking them cuz she is not overly fond of their new names and has something nicer in mind for them to have to answer to for the rest of their days.

in any case...even with the recent goings out of izzy, este, fluke, fiona and shrek...we are still closed to all admissions. i have plans for that big dog room which does not include any problematic new guys to mess up my plans.



nicole, i am so jealous. those are 2 great dogs. shrek gives such lovely kisses and fiona has such character in her face. hope it works out.

Francesca Wilson

Carole, just to say Marie and I will be at SAINTS tomorrow, Wednesday.

Francesca Wilson

How wonderful for those two lovely dogs to be with you and Carly. I can't imagine a better life for them. You are really amazing.

Chris T

Ya! I am so happy for Shrek and Fiona! From the moment I saw those faces I wanted them to come here but we are at capacity. Thank you Nicole for taking them. I am sure they will be very happy!