Rescue Journal

i had such a great day today.

Carol  ·  Mar. 18, 2009

i only got half of the cat room done but it was the worst half. what a difference when i finally had to call it quits to hook up with my just felt so much better in there. thx to maria and francesca for pitching in and helping us get that building done for the day. i will finish off the last 2 walls in there tomorrow and then set a routine for keeping it up from now on.

by the time i left here...i was already half an hour hair was wet with sweat from working so hard and so fast and i was pretty sure my daughter was going to kill me. half way thru our dress shopping appointment, i noticed that my hands still smelled over powering like bleach. when i mentioned it to lindsey she said she kept wondering why she was smelling bleach in the wedding store...oops, she should have known it was me. there were on and off 4 other brides in there...NONE of them looked as stunningly beautiful as she did. it didn't matter which dress she had on, they were all fabulous on her...we had a hard time narrowing it down from the last three. in the end, she picked the one that not only had i picked out for her to try on, but it was also the coutiers favorite dress too and most importantly it was the dress that lindsey loved most of all. AND it is not even close to is a vintage style wedding dressing in a sandy/gold color...very lovely....and not like all the other wedding dresses in the world.
i really enjoyed the afternoon with her today.

i had 5 saints phone calls while i was doing the mommy thing...there i was in this high end wedding dress store, pacing around in my stocking feet (they try to keep their white carpets clean) talking on the cell phone to vets, pounds and nicole about her new laminating machine. the vet called with the blood work results and when i mentioned how worried i was rock and apollo, she said she would go right up and check them today. really? how freaking nice is that??? she was just up here yesterday for a couple of hours and she was willing to come right back up again. anyway, they have new med orders but she did say that this may be the end for rock, we will just have to wait and see.

trina has a "rotting" dog...she is still working on finding it a place to go. i told her that saints is never too full for her pound guys because she only sends us ones that really are sick and have no where else to go....the dogs we have gotten from chilliwack...harry, abe, francis, cedric, little jack, saul, jed, wesley, hannah, tugs, pepper, lady jane, lacey, dakota, thomas, izzy, isaac, sadie, raymond, jewel, star, dusty,...gawd...have i gotten them all? great dogs, perfect saints, wrecked and destroyed thru and thru (except izzy-pop)....just jewel and dusty left here...a few got homes but all of the rest have passed away,...i miss them all.

ok...time to do the rounds and diabetics...THANK YOU LAURA for taking care of these guys so i did not have to rush home today!!!!!!!!!!

my funny for the day...was two things...first my utter horror when i has shown the area for mothers of the brides to pick their outfit...not freaking bloody likely. i said to lindsey...i am not wearing any of that...i don't have to wear that do i????? she laughed and said no i do not...whew!

on the way home i called my son to tell him of our adventures..he laughed and said he had started a facebook group last year about "engagement ring blues"...he said they did an article on him in the globe and mail and he did a couple of radio shows and was invited on to canada am (which he declined because his fiancee said to knock it off it was getting embarassing.) i wanted to know how come i did not know anything about this...he laughed and said it was a week long media blitz for fun...nothing important.

well i am his mother and i want to see that newspaper article so he better produce it for me asap.

makes me wonder what else there is about him that his own mother does not know!(the girls tell me EVERYTHING!)
my youngest daughter is going to be lindsey's maid of honor. she reminded me we still have to go shopping for lindsey, hers and my outfits for eric's wedding which is coming up in a few months and since i paid for lindsey's wedding dress, i could pay for her bridesmaid dress as well.

apparently i will be buying a fair amount of very fancy clothes.

i LIKE jeans and, comfortable and servicable too.



Did our little Lady who was said to be old and wrecked come from Chilliwack?

heidi wagner

I know of a great shop that has awesome clothes, lots of designer and name brands,lots of dresses,jackets and casual stuff too, but is very inexpensive. They have guys and kids clothes as well. Her store is like a smaller version of Winners but with cheaper price tags and more boutique like too. It's in Fort Langley on Church Street. It's called DDBooski's and is in the lower part of a four plex with residential above. It's worth the trip!! Glad you had a great time with your daughter and she found a dress. Is there going to be a spring fundraiser? Oh, and Trev's xrays are ok, the spleen is a bit large but no irregularities.

Chris T

Just remember to pick the hay out of your hair on her wedding day ok?