Rescue Journal plan for today

Carol  ·  Mar. 18, 2009

usually on my day off, i am responsible for the barn guys but today i am switching it around cuz i want to rip apart the FeLV cat area. i think part of the problem in infection control is that area needs a different kind of cleaning and care than we have been doing up to this point. it is a specialized area that needs more specialized care. the last time it had a deep, overall and everything deep cleaning was months ago, when i did it last...not good needs much more frequently. so the morning i will spend trashing the room and disinfecting ever nook and cranny. and then i will put a plan in place to keep it up on a more regular basis.

this afternoon, i am taking off. my daughter and i are going wedding dress shopping...i get to ohhh and ahhh and tell her how beautiful she is and how much i love her while she tries dresses on. it is whole mom thing that i don't get to do very often so i am really looking forward to it.

laura and lana are putting the barn guys to bed for me so i don't have to rush my daughter or apologise for rushing her so i can get home early.

the balancing/juggling act of family, work, and animal responsibility is a bit of a challenge for me. i have to clarify and focus better to meet all of these....and i have to remember tonight to pay the freaking utility bills (i paid off half of them with my last cheque and by cashing one of my savings bonds...i HAVE to pay the rest of them today to get back up on track) i am so glad winter is almost over...i cannot for much longer personally sustain almost $2000 in hydro and heating bills monthly for the three heated and lighted buildings. that is just freaking nutz.



Hope you had a great day... on a brighter note, i was talking with my sis today & she & her hubby have been talking about Winter ... I'm keeping my fingers crossed cuz if they go with getting another cat... it would have the greatest home... for life....for sure.

Rennee, Serena & Diablo are next on my " find a forever home" list. These guys were special needs when they came in... but now they need to find their true forever home. Hmmm on 2nd thought.. how is Diablo ? excuse all spelling & grammatical errors