Rescue Journal

ha! i found that article on my son's version of engagement ring blues...

Carol  ·  Mar. 19, 2009

it is called "how big is your rock" june 5 2008... the globe and mail. it got 108 comments, and no wonder ang was pissed..i can't believe he tried to dupe her with the " i love boobs" club ruse. toad...(but it did make me laugh)...sigh...i obviously missed something in my parenting of him.

anyway, i have seen the article so now i am happy, even if it was almost a year needs to know what ones kids are up to just in case....better late then never.

today if anyone in my family actually wanted to know, they could read this blog which they don't...but i was up to burning my i wasn't cooking...they are burned from chemicals...i was using too much bleach. sheila and kathy bitched non stop thru lunch because all they could smell was bleach (altho sheila did say that was better than some other things i could easily smell like!)

they started to hurt again when i was having my that sucks cuz now they are all red and burning again...i should have kept them out of the hot water.

we racked up 1500 dollars in vet bills in just the two housecall visits...bUT...that included quite a few cats, bloodwork, C&S cultures and a TON of expensive meds. freaking cats shouldn't be so often do cows get really sick with colds???? cats are way more medically sensitive than most other companion (or farm) animals.

some day i will do a comparison study on vet costs and what types are typical for senior cats, dogs, horses, whatever in sanctuary care....but not tonight.

lahanie is booked for his sedation and shaving on monday. apollo started to eat on his own again today. the rock is still rough and not eating. carrie ran thru some fliuds for him before she left. i will give hhim another set tonight and the vet left him some different meds....which he absolutely hates.

i have finished most of the cat room...i had to keep leaving due to apppointments today...only the door and a quarter of a wall left to do which hopefully i can get back to soon (i am back to work tomorrow)

gotta go get some of my laundry done or i will be in trouble this week.



euth'ing him might not have been a terrible thing maria. i believe he is blind now, his blood sugars are still not well controlled, he is on very high doses of insulin and he is just starting to get over his cold.

i don't think apollo has really enjoyed himself or felt well for quite a long while. they do feel sick with uncontrolled diabetes.

my actual plan for him does involve a time limited effort to help him to feel well..with diabetes...3 months is reasonable if diet and dose are well managed. the cold has set him back so i will give him time to recover from that.

but currently he is still living alone in a medical room pen where we can control and moniter everything in and out of him.

he is SUCH a sweet cat. patient and kind...i have no intention of taking advantage of his wonderful personality and consigning him to a life long struggle of feeling unwell with me tormenting him trying to figure out what might just not have any solution.

i will go to the wall for him and i will try everything we can, but at some point either it all pulls together and starts working for him or we let him have forever peace and rest.


Carol: how is maintaining appolos, insulin? He was at arbutus west sooo long and allways had trouble with the meds...AW was sooo keen on euth him....I am so happy to hear he is enjoying his new found life with you