Rescue Journal who is this actually about?

Carol  ·  Mar. 20, 2009

because i have just written my third involved email explaining to the same person why a previous owner is not able to visit here. there is no benefit to the animal to have someone from the past pop back into their life for an hour or two. it sure is of no benefit to me to have them try to re-involve themselves in a life that they gave away.

good you have any conception of the conflict of interests and chaos that previous families can arouse because they feel a vested interest, they feel they know the animal better, they feel their way of doing things works better for the animal????

it just causes havoc and hard feelings and more drama then i am comfortable with. the crap that went on with roxy when her previous home from 3 or 4 homes ago started, was insane. they send me dozens of emotional and then angry emails and actually showed up here pretending to be adopters because they did not believe me when i said, roxy was not here...she was in a foster home.

to put an end to it all, i had to pull roxy and her foster mom up here to meet and satisfy them so they could have closure and move on.

so yeah...once they got to see her, they felt better about her...but roxy didn't feel any better, she didn't even seem to know them, her foster mom had to take time out of her day to bring roxy up here...and i got to live 90210 with all of the drama and spy crap which took up alot of my time and emotional energy because gee apparently this is my satisfy a strangers need.
i am starting to get frustrated. i have my own life to deal with which involves caring for 110 animals who don't have homes anymore because someone at some point (or at many points, depending on the numbers of previous homes) did not want them enough to keep them anymore.

why torment us both now? why not so much effort, way back when, to have actually kept them if that was what these people wanted so much.

i am not feeling very forgiving or nice this morning..i just wish people would remember that they were the ones to let them go. and now they are in my life which is too busy to include a bunch of previous owners in too. this is why we have the no visiting but will give an occasional update rule.
you cannot re-write history and it is pretty disrespectful to even try. we are living this life now because of other folks decisions and problems in life...why drag us all in to it again...for what?...human need?

lets face it, you got them originally because it satisfied what you thought you wanted, you got rid of them eventually because that suited your newest need and now you are bugging me because you need something more from them and me to be happy about it all?

give me a break here, this is REALLY unfair.



Can you not add a hard and fast rule that SAINTS is NOT a boarding facility, and once an animal is surrendered, it becomes a SAINT (I don't want to use the word property here)and the person/people surrendering waives any and all rights to the animal? SAINTS is not a way station for animals whose owners can't get their shit together, it's home.


We rescued our girl years ago who was left tied up to a tree when the family went bankrupt and had to move...she was crying her heart out and a gal I worked with asked if we could help since her dog was dog agressive and she didn't want to take her to the shelter..she was feeding her and unwinding her from the tree as she was the neighbor and was waiting for the folks to come back.
Two years after as we kept our girl we got a phone call from the folks asking if they could see her. They had run into the neighbor who gave our phone number. We said no way after all they had abandoned her. They were upset but we pointed out what they had done, They said they were going to come back once they had their shit together..??? What I did do tho was when she went to rainbow Bridge I left a message with the neighbor that she had died and to please let them know...we had a great 6 years with her. The family called and were in tears and very grateful for us giving her a wonderful home and were saddened she had gone. It gave them closure. Should they have gotten closure I don't know but I did feel that they had loved her very much and life screwed things up..there was alot of family stuff going on at the time they had to move. SO stick to your guns..the dogs don't need the confusion. And they can always find out how things are going if they read your blog..