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pics, pics, and more pics

Nicole  ·  Mar. 22, 2009

Jesse - not a great photo, he's really beautiful, but doesn't stay still often.




Lucky and one of her stuffies


Lucky playing with a stuffy, she carries them each out one by one outside.


One of the grey FF cats (brianne or betsy, i can never tell)


all three grey FF cats


Les, strutting his stuff


My guys now



wesley 'i make the best sad face' mcclelland


all three dorks sleeping on my bed, no room for nicole


shrek and fiona settling in




shrek trying to find room on the couch and since he couldn't find it he made it work.

carley didn't really appreciate it


all three fitting on the couch = no room for me (i sit on the back part of the couch


They are doing amazingly well, better than i could have ever hoped.

Fiona is still scared of her own shadow, but not of me any more.

We went on a walk today and it was like it was her first walk ever, it was short, because she was very worried.

They have been through something awful. Shrek has more confidence than Fiona, but he is still quickly frightened of quick hand movement, things in your hand and loud talking.

Unfortunately for shrek, carley and fiona seem to rule the couch and he sleeps on the floor as he's the biggest and they don't make room for him.

tomorrow my quest is to find new martingale collars that will fit them. i never realized how big they are until they made carley mcfatfat look small.



didn't attempt walking them on my own yet. Both roommates helped.
Zoe walked shrek, michelle took carley and I walked fiona and talked to her the whole time. pretty funny looking i'm sure. most people crossed the street when they saw us eventhough we were sure to move over and out of the way!


I see Happy Happy doggies in those pics. So far in such a short time can only mean one thing - SAINTS.


what great pics. how do you manage to take 3 dogs for a walk? they all look so happy. what a great closeup of carly and of wesley. keep us posted.


well fiona has accepted me as the safe person now, but is still weary of everything, i think shrek may have been physically abused, but that fiona was probably kept in a kennel unexposed to the world and only interaction she had was negative or scary.
i got lots of tail wags from fiona this morning when she went outside to pee, made my day.
by the way, shrek loves to chew on socks (not eat, just chew!)

Chris T

Nicole - you have a huge heart! Now, you just need a bigger couch! What great shots. I am glad they are with you.


Thanksalot for those pics Nicole... totally made my Monday Morning brighter. I'm thrilled for Shrek & Fiona but we missed them yesterday at SAINTS...


what is interesting about shrek and fiona is....when they first arrived,,,shrek was for sure the most traumatized and afraid...he was way worse than fiona. he would cower going thru doors and gates and you had to get down on the ground for him to come to you. fiona was slightly more trusting in that she would come even if she was afraid. so i thought shrek was more likely actually beaten, while fiona the puppy machine might have been treated slightly less harshly.
but...not only has shrek recovered faster and to a greater degree but fiona's original fear of you of all people was just freaking odd cuz it was much more pronounced than with anyone else she met here.
i am sorry to say that i do believe one of fiona's past greatest monsters in life, was a young and blonde pony-tailed girl....i just find that image so sad for some reason.
anyway...they will be fine now that they are with you.
and with the outgoing of shrek, fiona, and fluke...peace and sanity is slowly returning somewhat to my world so i am happy now too.