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Carol  ·  Mar. 22, 2009

laura got the gate up for me between my bedroom and the big dog room...( THANK YOU LAURA!!! and give me the bill for the gate and i will pay you back) currently it is open so andy and copper can come into my room if they want.

we had a pack up early this morning when i let the little bastards out...joey, peluchie and chica all ganged up on jesse and started ankle biting him...poor jesse was dancing trying to keep his feet out of their mouths...he was well within his rights to nail them into the ground but i think he was too freaked out. he probably felt like he was being attacked by a maudering, rampaging gang of rodents...i am now referring to them as the rat pack and i don;t mean it nicely.

as to new room assignments...i am waffling on who goes where. i am pretty sure i am kicking out the grumpy and the troublemakers....(bye-bye 4lane, joey and peluchie and maybe even chica..if she doesn't watch the attitude) and just letting good dogs who can get along well live in my bedroom and big dog room. then i can leave the gate open occasionally and they can wander peacefully to and fro.

so i am thinking in those two areas...tyra, lexi, maude, cleo, chyna, squirt, jesse, copper, andy, les, daffy, suzie, (maybe chica if she stops with the hagginess), al, angel, tony....6 for my room, 10 for the big dog room....a fairly even mix of big and small dogs which means the numbers themselves are not so maude and cole are going to want to start sleeping outside in dirt holes again soon now that the warm weather is coming again...bloody hole digging huskies!

little dog/cat room.... jewel, 4lane, buddy,sissy, molly, joey and peluchie.

kitchen... jack and nina

mp room... cole and dusty



anyway, that is maybe the plan but i want to think on it for a day or two cuz everytime i shift dogs around they think they are in trouble for something that they think they didn't do....except 4lane and joey...they know they are rabble rousers and i am not too happy with them right now.

rock spent the day out of his cage and enjoying the fresh spring day but i put him back in for the night so he could have his Recovery food in peace. plus it will be easier for carrie to med him in the morning before she lets him loose again. he still doesn't want to eat the regular canned food, but thats ok...the AD and Recovery are better for him right now anyway.

floyd and edwina are really enjoying the nice weather...they were playing in their pool til after 7 pm tonight.

great job on the wet hay pick up today ko, mo and tammy...we will really try to keep it up during the week so it doesn't get so bad.

we need to pull up our socks in all areas really...somethings are just getting left too long and then it becomes a major, back breaking cleaning.

we need some super organized clean freaks around here to keep us on top of things.



So glad the rock is feeling a bit better and eating something. a/d and recovery are great to give the sick cats. Trying to get them off it is like trying to get them off Fancy Feast!