Rescue Journal

it was a nice day today.

Carol  ·  Mar. 23, 2009

despite my worrisome start ended up being a decent enough day. one of my clients had a bag of towels waiting which is great cuz we are really low on towels around here right now. another client is able to provide a DVD of an upcoming national piece on SAINTS. i meet with the producer tomorrow on my lunch break to map out the story and i believe i meet with the reporter/camera person on thurs/fri this week.

lahanie had his sedation and his shave down. he needed a full body/neck and belly shave. once those pancake sized thick scabs were off of him, i was relieved to see that the wounds were not as bad as i was afraid. he has a scattering of about twenty five partial to full thickness wounds, ranging in size from 1 cm to about 4 cm. and it was nice to see some healed scarred areas too so what we were doing previously was of some benefit too. he was a bit worrisome with the initial sedation but the vet stayed and monitered him til he woke up a bit more. he has gained back fully his proper body weight so we were all really happy to see exactly what his matted thick coat was hiding...lahanie is almost but not quite, getting fat! yay lahanie the glutton!!

considering the cold today and how thin he was before..i am really glad we waited to shave him. the vet checked my wound treatment plan and was in full agreement. so what a relief that we can finally get this last thing taken care of and lahanie will be a brand new, really old horse.

renee kept gideon in so the vet could look at him too. she thought he was a bit off this morning but the vet said for 34 he looked really good. i think his back end is starting to go. he came in 4 years ago with really bad arthritis in his hips and spine. we have noticed him getting weaker back there again, stumbling and swaying to the left when he walks. getting meds into him is a huge issue cuz gideon does not like crap in his food. the vet said his eating well is the most important thing for him so i am thinking of getting Dr Petrelli out again to do some more accupuncture with him. it fixed him up last time for a few years, maybe it will again. mo said she doesn't even want to think of losing him. i said, hey! i want him to live to 40...wait that is only 6 years now i want him to live to 50...another 16 years would be ok.

phoebe got the shit kicked out of her by a bunch of cats. she jumped the gate to steal their food so three of them jumped her right back. i heard her scream and she came flying back over the gate with someone's claw sticking out of her side. i offerred to remove it for her but she told me rather forcefully to just "F" off so i left it like she said. she better hope it doesn't abcess in there....she might get blood poisoning and die.

hah....' i used that threat on my kids who thought they didn't really need mommy nurse to be fussing over top of them and looking at their wounds every day...and while it works on kids, it doesn't work on phoebe's who bite concerned caregivers and who only know limited english.

jesse is barking non stop...he has a rule...if i go into my bedroom like a very good girl, he will lay down on his bed and shut up. but if i insist on goofing on the computer, he will bark his freaking face off.

dogs are a pain in the ass.



Carol do you still need towels. I should be able to come up with some for you..


SteveO ... sorry but you're getting old n blind... so be careful when you are putting the fencing up... we need you to have all ten fingers working


speaking of pain in the asses.
i came home from school tonight and zoe and michelle were telling me how shrek ate some of my dvds, but that it looked like he only really chewed on the office space dvd. I headed downstairs to find shrek was falsely accused since Fiona was lying on the couch chewing on my $120 Emergency and Critical care text book.
since she's not a puppy something must have scared and stressed her - the joys of having traumatized dogs. i will be putting away all precious items before going to bed tonight.

and steve. we haven't change any font settings so if your font looks smaller than normal, click on the view tab, then choose zoom, if that's an option and 100%.


Last month when Star was still there, she jumped the gate into the cat area too and started to chow down on the cat food back there. I think she was encouraged by Phoebe who thought Star would come back carrying a full bowl. This week I get to look after Mikey and James (Serenas boy kittens) for a day while Lynn is away. I will try and get some pics of them in their new home. They are getting quite brazen now. Tasha (Lynns existing cat) is not too keen still.


Not to do with your post...but somethin happened....your blogs are now half the size as old eyes can't read it....anyone else having this problem........signed old n blind