Rescue Journal

how today went.

Carol  ·  Mar. 24, 2009

the meeting went well with cathy the CBC producer, she is really nice! and she seemed to find us interesting (and asked some difficult questions too!)....filming for The National is booked for monday morning....i had to scramble to get one of the nurses to change shifts with me. there goes my three days off in a row, i had to give up my friday to get monday off...oh well, i still have tomorrow and thursday...and i will appreciate monday off on monday too.

i think it would be nice if any volunteers are free to be up here too. i think what we give to these animals is amazing and it would be a good thing for others to see...maybe they might find time for their local shelter one day...animals everywhere needs lots of help, you can be a good example. cathy quoted me how many millions of folks will see the segment, but i suck at remembering so i forget what she said. AND she really liked molly...most folks first time thru do not even notice her...yay molly, you made yourself notable today, way to go!

i got back late for the afternoon education day...but all the staff and presenters were more than ok and happy that things went really well with the interview. i work with such supportive and generous people! yay fraser home health!

i talked alittle bit today during the interview about the over lap in caring for people and is not so different as folks might believe...illness brings out alot of similarities.

looks like the cat claw came out of phoebe's side. and she learned absolutely nothing cuz she just got back from ripping off their food bowls again.

asia and ronnie are sick in the FeLV room. we started them on meds today and i will call the vet tomorrow because we are going to need more refills. louise has hit her bed again still is not the is the anemia again laying her low. she bounced back last week, maybe she will again. everyone chant now...hope floats til it sinks...

so....tony is a pain in the ass...he absolutely adores me, the dog is obscessed, he just has to be near me, gazing at me, ready to jump (stiffly) the second i is paying off for him tho, cuz i am reluctantly falling in love...ok so mr. stiffy is not exactly cuddles but he loves me just as much. that much caring is humbling.

i am excited...two days off (sigh, ok...not three) but two days off is two days that i can just focus on one half of my million things.

what i do have to remember, so everyone remind to take fiona and shrek WITH me to work on friday so i can drop them off at the vet. shrek is having his surgery, and fiona is having some xrays and blood work in anticipation of fixing her eye entropian. nicole will drop them off here on thursday and pick them up again late friday when they are finished at the vet.



lynn didn't you get the memo that long term volunteers give up all rights to take holidays ?? Lol.have fun we will miss you.

Yahoo for Molly, she is a doll & next to the chi's she's my next favorite to visit when I actually come inside... I miss that part of my visits since the MP room & Memorial garden were built. I have to make more of an effort to at least pop in for 10 minutes to love them up.


oh lynne this weekend...ouch!!!

have a good time, we will try to survive but it won't be pretty.


hi carol i am leaving for holidays tomorrow and will not be back again till next friday. hope all goes well on monday morning. see you next weekend.


who needs tv when you have an ancient-but-doesn't-know-it este for entertainment!


Please remember to post when The National will air. I missed the segment Shaw did awhile back.

Este antics: Yesterday she got a roll of christmas wrapping paper,(I have no idea from where) and when I got home it was shreded from one end of the house to the other. Today it was the recycling box again, put the garbage on the counter before I left, forgot the recycling. Right now she is spinning in circles chasing her tail. Nelson does not look impressed!

She also has an impressive ability to lock herself in rooms while I am at work. No idea how long she is there by herself wondering where everyone went! She is one funny duck.


Yeah Tony ! ! ! Way To Go ! ! ! ! ! !

By the way, Carol, don't forget to take Fiona and Shrek with you to work on Friday!!!!!!!!