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a question for my dad

Carol  ·  Mar. 25, 2009

i have no idea what is up with diablo. that bleeding sore on his head is not healing and now he has one on the back of his neck. the vet isn't sure what it is either but wanted us to watch him for anything even remotely resembling seizure activity because apparently some seizures present themselves as acts of self mutilation...i did not know this....and in the mean time apply topical antibiotic cream.
anyway...we have been watching and haven't seen a thing. i am thinking of changing his antibiotic cream to an antifungal just in case it had nothing to do with seizures and we are going after the wrong kind microbe and it is fungal instead of bacterial. i will call the vet today and ask her what she thinks.

i watched another sad movie last was called "the duchess"...i could relate to the consignments of responsibility that can become a cage in how we are supposed to live. it sort of reminded me of the whole princess diana and charles tragic story. and it reminded me too of the things that i can't do or be normal.

i am consigned by my station in life to....utterly weird.

it is funny cuz the producer asked me yesterday how i would respond to the public perception that this is a bit whacky. i said, well it is whacky. and nicole in a conversation later last night took it one step further and said...yes, but we fully embrace the whackiness.

do your families think i have ruined you nic? mo? everyone else?

maybe i am just as much of a wierdo maker as a rescuer too?

i probably have alot to answer for that i haven't even considered.

ah well...whackiness likes company and only the truly deranged can change the world.

the reason for this is...normal folks think normal things. and if it is within the normalacy lines, nothing ever really changes.

the trick is to eventually make whacky the acceptable norm and that takes fine tuned lunacy to achieve.

my father is groaning in shame somewhere if in heaven he still thinks i am insane. his whackiness was marching with martin luther king in selma...and ordaining the first female anglican priest, and having a gay choir master for the church back when that orange juice family values fanatic was promoting gays as deviants. these things had purpose and value.

"women who invest all of their lives and money in saving animals are just trying to fill a hole"...gee thanks dad.
but here is my thought on this, that my dad might father was a humanist.
even if you believe like he did that animals are the bottom of the totem pole in the life on this have to have a good and solid caring base for the bottom to support the ones higher up. if that base is diseased, abused or neglected the whole top heavy human part is going to come falling down too...IF you care and have respect and compassion for the lowly, wouldn't you also care and have compassionate respect for the higher too?

dontcha think that might be true dad?

sometimes i miss my parents alot...i would like to have more conversations with them and ask them what they think now.



Read Derrick Jensen's "A Language Older Than Words" or "The Culture of Make Believe" to truly explore what many humans have come to see as "normal". It is a searing indictment of "normalcy" and everything we humans accept under that banner. It's appalling what we consider normal.

"Derrick Jensen is a man driven to stare without flinching at the baleful design of our culture, which encourages us to honor those who wreak the most havoc on the world (and on human lives) and to scorn those who protest against the havoc as opponents of decency and good order. In fact, The Culture of Make Believe so explicitly reveals the intimacy between the murder of the world and "decency and good order" that I'm surprised any author would dare write it and any publisher would dare bring it to print. His analysis of our culture's predilection for hatred and destruction will rattle your bones."
Daniel Quinn, author of Ishmael


I can relate Carol. I miss my parents too. There are so many questions I have to ask them.


steve and randy were feeding the not so sainted one, beer this afternoon..even tho i shared most of it with percy, i still have a headache! dad would be so proud, his daughter was drinking on a sunny afternoon with a couple of rednecks and an alcoholic steer.

the fence looks great guys!!!!


I think as.... a Dad myself...he had to be a hardass when you were growing up...Makes you the person are today....(Thank Gawd I had Boys)....I think if your Dad was looking down on you....He would be Proud.....As the rest of us are as well...I always thought SAINTS was named after you.....not the acranim for the animals.... :) :) :shock: :shock:


I have been referred to as " Patti the Crazy Bird lady" for years... but it's funny how these are the same people who come to me when they have a bird or a friend looking for a GOOD home for the bird... or advice about their birds or pets. Crazy... or compassionate. Why must people judge and label others. It takes all type of people to make up the planet.

My mother thinks I am a little nuts too... I told her she raised me. I may never be rich, but I will always be loved.

Chris T

My mother asked me the other day why we have so many dogs. I told her it was all her fault because when we were growing up she kept saying (almost daily): "If I had it to do over again, I would raise dogs." I told her that my sister and I were just doing what we were told. She laughed.


My family & friends think I am a "little off". Three foster dogs in less than two year. They see how it hurts me when I have to let one of them go. Bottom line it's my life, I will live it how I choose. People can think I am crazy all they want, they have no idea how much these dogs mean to me. They bring so much happiness to my life on a daily basis, it makes the hard days more than worth it.

Seniors rock except for the puppies pretending to be old
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