Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 26, 2009

Pub Night

April 18th 2009

14th Ave Pub

Mission BC

Tickets available at SAINTS @ $20 each... call 604-826-8319 to reserve.

includes a choice of vegetarian or traditional pasta dinner, a drink, and a lot of fun.

door prizes, silent auction, bottle toss, 50/50 draws.

if you are making the long trek out here from vancouver or where ever...why not plan an afternoon visit to SAINTS to visit everyone here and see all of our changes and then head on down to the pub to join us for a drink and a meal to finish off your adventurous afternoon with the sainted crippled crew....make it a day trip holiday...or even one of us for the day...come on up earlier...get dirty and work your ass right off (we could have a mini work party day)...have a nice hot shower in our hideaway suite, maybe a cold beer and some pizza in the memorial garden for lunch with a bunch of greedy pizza addicted dogs and join the rest of us crazy workaholic folks for dinner and drinks at the end of the will be fun and i bet you will live a good story or ten! (but you might want to pre-book sunday as a bed day to recover from too much saint-sized fun!)



ummm what Pub ? Lol.. like it makes a difference to me ... but it might to someone.