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i need a form

Carol  ·  Mar. 28, 2009

i fell asleep just after 8 pm last night. there are some consequences to this for a gawd awful mess this morning but at least i did get the meds done before i fell asleep.

i held a brand new, pretty in pink baby for like half an hour yesterday at work. i just sat at my desk and rocked that sleeping babe in my arms and felt utterly at peace. that was a gift. i was worried about grandchildren arriving in the next couple of years with my kids starting the marriage thing and if i would make time for them when they arrived... but now i know that i will.

not sure exactly how...but somehow i will.

right now chyna is desperate for a cuddle. she is sitting and staring at me and blinking both eyes shut tightly at the same time. that is her "cuddle me" signal. unfortunately webster is also desperate and he is parked next to the moniter. he wants up on my shoulders but i am still too sore and stiff to balance him there while i type.

every time chyna tries to get her upper body up on my lap where she thinks is belongs...webster whacks her on her soft and vulnerable potato like nose.

sigh..sometimes being needed by two opposing forces at the same time sucks.

oh crap...diablo just hobbled over, he hates webster...this will not be fun.

speaking of diablo...i had a call on him yesterday. i think i left the caller dissatisfied...but she wanted an in and out cat and she liked the idea of a three legged cat...well...huston, we have a problem here. all of our cats are indoor only (except frodo because he is a beast and he is no longer available for adoption anyway) and diablo as a tripod is never stepping foot outside a door. i politely but quickly explained the reasons behind this which i think she didn't have time to fully comprehend and said, thank you for calling. i had clients to see. i heard her hesitation and the need to discuss this further, but i totally ignored this cuz i was in a hurry.

even tho everything i said was said nicely and politely...i still brushed her off, which is rude and unkind. and i know this but i did it anyway. and today i feel bad for would have been better to go slower and give her time to to have insight.

i really have to sit down and develop a GENERIC pre-adopt form..ours are too specific...old. young, dog, cat, bird, rabbit, horse, barnyard...we have too many and i can never find the one i want on the computer so i just answer the email with call me instead.

and i don't want ticky box/yes or no answers...i want in depth written dialog so i know who they are and what they want and how much value they place upon this initial effort to procure a lifelong friend.

it would go something like this...

tell us about yourself (who are you, where do you live, what do you spend your days doing, how do you spend your evenings?)

where will an animal fit into your days and your nights?
which animal are you inquiring about and what is there about him/ or her that brought you to contact us?

what questions do you have about this animal and what would you like to know about possible adoption?
what experience do you have with current or previous animals (tell us who they are (or were) and where they are now and why.)

let us know what types of animal care issues you are prepared to deal with and what types you would choose to avoid (health, behavioral, emotional)

what resources you would access in dealing with the issues you are comfortable with.

what are your personal limits on dealing with issues...(financial, time, emotional or physical constraints)

why are you thinking of including this animal in your life at this time?

please take the time to answer these questions to ensure a good match and please include your contact number for follow up.

that gives me enough info to at least get a feel...then i can progress to a phone call or just a plain return email that says not a good match...sorry.



anytime tracey, no need to ask...any idea or thought on here is free for the taking if it helps someone or makes rescue life easier.
i personally collect good ideas from anywhere i can!


I really like this concept too and have recently added some open-ended questions to our Adoption Application. "What are your philosophies on vet care?" for example.

The potential challenge with this format surround those that are uncomfortable with writing as it may be intimidating to them, however, hopefully those cases will be rare.

I would like to borrow some of your questions if you dont mind.

Also, you have just created your Form - Cut N' Paste and voila! :)

Barbara DeMott

Hi Carol,
I really like this adoption form because it is respectful in understanding that not all people for whatever reason cannot deal with all issues.
Some people are just not cut out for aggression issues or complex medical issues but still could give a loving and consistent home.