Rescue Journal

we have lost ronnie

Carol  ·  Mar. 28, 2009

angelina found him when she went to give him his meds. last night i thought he looked much better and had turned the corner to wellness again. sometimes they do that, the final surge of life force energy.

there is only the rock, misfit and mosley left of the original americats.

ronnie besides touching us all because of his sweetness and strength in surviving the horror of pahrump, touched lot of others at Best Friends following the original rescue. he was best buddies with a special cat named "captain jack," they shared a bed and were always together. captain jack died before ronnie's move to saints..i know the staff and volunteers at BF were concerned about his grieving.

ronnie did well here. the cats that came with him, all took care of him. he was the youngest and most innocent among them and they kept an eye on him. i know that ronnie has been getting tired lately. tired of the disease itself and losing all of his favorite friends.

he has lost many in the past couple of years. that is alot of grieving.

rest in peace little ronnie, be forever at peace now and may captain jack and merlin and tikki and albus and red and sunshine and aladdin and sanjaya and charley, wrap you warmly and safely within them...i miss you all, wonderful cats.


Garry Gabrielle

Stash and Nicole from the Best Friends rescue in Pahrump want to tell Ronnie, they will meet him and the others again at Rainbow Bridge when their time comes. Thank you Carol and Saints for giving this guy and the others a dignified life they were so deserving of and entitled to.


Rest in peace, Ronnie. You are with your BFF Captain Jack again and I know that makes you happy. You are all missed and those you have left an impression on are better for having known you.

Carol and everyone else at SAINTS: Thank you will never be enough for what you have given these guys. You not only gave them heaven on Earth; you have increased awareness of their disease and brought to light the question of rescue without borders.

Thank You and God Bless.


Rest in peace little man. Many are awaiting your arrival. I have followed you and your friends spread around the country and one by one you are passing from this world. You were the lucky ones who were given the warmth of a home. Some still reside in shelters and wait for their homes. You have all paid a giant price for the abuse at the hands of so called rescuers. I thank the SAINTS for your care and love. Carol, thank you for your love to these little ones and your efforts to care for all your flock.