Rescue Journal

cleaning 101

Carol  ·  Mar. 29, 2009

cleanliness may or may not be next to godliness..but it sure as hell IS next to saintliness, at least around here.
keeping this place odor free while not rocket a bit of an art.

the animals and i don't want to live in stink and we don't want visitors to need a gas mask either.

50 some odd animals (and a good portion with incontinence issues) all free roaming in the same building can pose a bit of a challenge. the bad smell has been building for weeks it is just too much.
so here are some of the things i have learned.

half assed doesn't cut it right or don't do it at all so someone else (like me) will do it instead. no one wants to re-do what just got is a waste of everyone's time.
1. to make a room SMELL NICE, you have to remove the things that SMELL GROSS.
if each area has all of the wet soiled linen removed and put into the washer and replaced with fresh and clean, if all floors (even corners and under stuff) are well swept and washed WELL with CLEAN, hot, soapy bleach water, and other surfaces washed down too, if all litter boxes are scooped out and clean litter replaced and all garbages are tied up and emptied and taken out to the dumpster and bleach buckets are then emptied of the dirty foul water and replaced with bleachy clean...voila! there is nothing left in here to stink.

2. it is the finishing touches that make the room LOOK nice...tidy off the clutter, polish up the mirror, wipe down the dirty paw prints from walls and furnature and shelves and desks. straighten the clean blankets on the beds and make sure the food and water bowls shine.

3. it is easier to MAINTAIN and keep nice by doing it everyday then it is to find the time to rip it all apart and do everything when it is big and bad. that just means a bunch of unpaid all nighters for me

it is not just that the animals deserve to live in cleanliness...i do too. and visitors will not have such a great visit here if they can't breathe thru the disgusting fumes.

staff get paid to do a good job for the animals. volunteers (myself included) donate our valuable time to do a job well for the animals too. all of us want to provide good value for what we do.
we all have to pull up our socks here and do a better job because this is just not good enough.

if it smells...there is filth...if there is filth...there are germs, if there are germs the animals will become unwell and NONE of us want the animals here to not be well.

so new motto for far as cleanliness goes...good enough is not good enough...our saints deserve better than that. saints need to live in pure and squeaky clean.
i am going on a cleaning binge tonight to get us up to happy i move along and onwards over the next week, lets everyone make it their responsibility to KEEP it up to happy snuff or honestly, i am going to have an out of control odor instigated melt down.

pee-ewwwwww is to be about to PERMANENTLY be replaced smells nice in here.



Bettca Molly Maid won't come in there n do that... :shock: :shock: :shock: I must admitt some days DO smell better than others.... Do we have anyone who wants to come volunteer some cleaning time????

😕 😕 😕