Rescue Journal

the great mistake

Carol  ·  Mar. 29, 2009

here is an interesting thing. not sure what we are going to do about it at saints is never dull to say the least. is 11:15 pm and i am in the back room vigorously scrubbing harrison's nasal discharge off the wall (gosh that stuff would hold the space shuttle together) and serena pops out of her hidey hole to say hello.

well...hello serena...i thought you and renee jr were adopted today...apparently there was a case of mistaken identity and clara went home instead?

hmmm..i wonder how serena feels about this...i wonder how her new family will feel...i wonder what is going to go thru clara's mind if she comes back.

i bet she is right pissed off.

clara is not serena..serena is younger, softer and sweeter. clara is a spikey old broad, tough as nails and not afraid to show it either. but they do look an awful lot alike. i can't imagine renee and clara living in any kind of friendship which is what we were hoping with renee and serena.

BUT..i was not here on either occasion when the family made their maybe they did fall in love with clara but somehow i highly doubt it.'s late, i am tired....maybe i better go look again. great mistake. i just picked clara up and she growled and bit me.

ignore my message mo...your sister has the right cat....clara the hag is still residing at saints.



Thanks for the heart attack at 7 in the morning!! Since I was the one who completed the adoption, reading the beginning of your blog "o shit" then reading that Clara bit you sorry I said "yah"