Rescue Journal

toby had a good night

Carol  ·  Mar. 29, 2009

he spent part of it up on the chair but is now curled up in a corner under the couch again. i believe cats esp. seek the coolest places they can find when they are serious about getting ready to die. as they lower their body temperature to achieve a hypothermic state, they slip into a quiet coma for a peaceful death. natures euthanasia.

anyone checking on him today just has to pull quietly forward the right side corner of the back cushion to peek to see how he is. try not to disturb him as it will increase his heart rate...blood flow...body temperature and reverse what instinct is helping him to achieve.

i wish i was home all day today, but i will try to get off early.

laura and lana did barn bed time last night. they installed a new gate in the office doorway so lucky is more a part of things and not so isolated. and then they had pizza with cole, jack and cleo before sending them over to the big dog room for a movie night.

the plan for the movie was marty and the FeLV cats... the rock, mama T etc...rotating thru them so they got a chance for a cuddle on the couch one on one for awhile. the only one i said not to try was murray..he can be a bit nervous and might bolt if he got scared.

we have to wait for laura and lana to tell us how the cats enjoyed their special movie date.

while they were busy...i took the opportunity of less nightly chores to put out clean bleachy buckets, re-wash the floors, catch up on the laundry, have a bath and change my bed...again i fell asleep early...just after 9 and had a clean, nice sleep. i checked on toby halfway thru and he was comfortable up in the chair.

it was a good and peaceful night here....that was a treat.



Our movie date with the cats was great!! We started with Marty...he was so excited to sniff around a new room. Once he got that out of his system he cuddled up on the couch and soaked up all the attention. Marty is such an awesome cat...who needs a home...if you're looking for a loving lap cat Marty is your guy! If I didn't have 3 bitchy females at home I'd scoop him up. It was hard to put him back but the FelV cats were staring at us and wondering when it was their turn. Next we brought out Rock and Mama T...they also curiosly checked out the area beyond their cage. You could see them keep looking back to the rest of the gang who were all staring wondering why they were out there, I think Rock & Mama T were quite proud of themselves. When they finished exploring they both came up on the couch for love. Time went too fast, it was hard to leave...we are hooked and told them we would be back for more dates. If you are looking for a special night out...come up to Saints for a movie date and cuddle with one of the crippled crew.