Rescue Journal

i took today off to do the filming. but since that is not happening...i have planned other things to keep me busy.

Carol  ·  Mar. 30, 2009

toby is doing well with the nearing the end of his life....he is still moving around a bit...up for a drink of water, out to choose a different place to curl up. his breathing is easy and regular, i see no discomfort in him yet. he is currently in the hallway which gives me the opportunity to lay down a soft bed near him so he can use it if he would like. no pressure toby, it is up to you..but that bed looks pretty comfy.

tyra is off..not sure what is up with her. tyra is a highly sensitive girl so i am not sure if it is physical or emotional, but something is bugging her.

someone has a vet appointment today...i might want to shift toby or tyra into that spot...i just have to remember who i made the appointment for before i decide who needs it the most..or maybe i will just call the clinic and see what else they have available if we need.

it is amazing how much cleaner a room looks when you scrub the goobers off the walls.

i didn't get a lot done last night...just ran laundry thru both the house and the shop machines, scrubbed a wall or two, kept an eye on tyra and tobes, cleaned up the medical room and freaked out over the serena/clara identity thing.

today i am leaving the whole place to the staff and working on areas that never get the outside cement, the stupid crap laying around in most of the yards (like old tableclothes?, buckets??, peices of dead toys??? and various other weird things), the closet, the shop bathroom (it is close to disgusting) and maybe a window or a shelf area here and there. the easiest way to get things done well is to think in cleaning small peices til it simply becomes the whole freaking thing.
i have to work on tuesday but then i have 5 days off so with a few late nighters, i should be able to catch up on stuff.

and i need to get the lime down so i can fertilize and then re-seed 3 acres destroyed by tons of snow and a bunch of busy feet.

and the last bit of news is les..i think he is losing too much weight too fast...he is down 12 pounds in 3 weeks. i am not sure how fast the weight is supposed to come off when you treat the thyroid disease, but that seems too rapid and drastic a weight loss so i phoned and left a message with the vet to ask if i should be worried.