Rescue Journal

tonight i am looking for molly maid

Carol  ·  Mar. 31, 2009

one thing just leads to another. i started with the cement..that led to scrubbing the front door...which made me see the siding, then the windows and finally the muddy mess i made of the gravel with all the water from the hose...oh my freaking god...will it never end???

luckily laura and lana came up and while lana tuned up the inside windows, laura hauled over some gravel and fixed my new swamp looks quite nice out there right now...or as nice as it can look until the grass grows in again.

so now i am farting around inside...i have the back cats areas, the kitchen and laundry area the way i like BUT i just about electricuted myself when i turned on the back cats TV. someone remind me when everything is done tomorrow to haul that out and pull over another donated one cuz that TV shocks the crap out of you when you turn it on. scary.

i am pretty much going to kill jesse who won't shut the hell up. he is going to be barking for hours til i finally make it into my bedroom to do it up. i keep telling him i have a headache but he is barking so much he can't hear me. he is NOT my favorite dog tonight altho i might like him again if he'd just go to sleep.

anyway...since i am on a break, i thought i would tell you my really sad story. this has been bugging me all day and while i am cleaning, i am trying to figure out if i can do something about it or not. i still haven't decided.

so today i am working and driving to and fro to see clients. and i see a very skinny, dirty, sketchy unneutered dog running in a circle in the road with 4 people trying to catch him.... i stop. it appears that he is owned by the two asian women...and he is obviously afraid of them. the other two are neighbors who chased him out of their yard and are mad because he is loose again....he usually is chained.

that dog is not letting anyone near him...his tail is tucked, his head is low and his owners said he will bite if anyone, including them, grab him. but he is a VERY good guard dog.

i asked how long they had had years. i asked why he isn't neutered..they said the people they got him from said that he was. there is another chained and intact dog that they had since a puppy in the yard so i am assuming they know he is not neutered either. but he is cleaner, healthier, and friendlier cuz i went over and met him.
i asked them why their dog was so afraid, they said it was because their property floods all the time and he is afraid of the flooding and the wasn't flooding or raining today. the angry neighbor said it is because they beat the crap out of the dog and the owner said they do not. the neighbor said they heard it all the time. the owner said that was her friend who used to live there that used to beat his dog but he is gone now. i asked her if the SPCA ever came, she said lots of times but the dog is ok....and by current law, she is right.
i asked her how she was going to catch her dog...she said she couldn't but he would come home when he was hungry. the dog was now off in the bush doing his thing and ignoring all the humans standing around.

anyway...i had to leave...i couldn't catch that dog, you'd need a catch pole and 20 people with nets.

i was nice and friendly and helpful and non judgemental because i am thinking i might be going back there when that dog is on his chain again cuz i need him on a chain to switch him to a leash. but i know this is not a really great idea. i should not be thinking of offering her money to buy that dog...but i am.

last thing i need is a sketchy, biting, abused and freaked out 10 year old dog....really, really bad idea carol.
anyway... that's my story and why i am sad tonight.

and now i better get back to cleaning and thinking.



i know it is happens all the time. and it is what worries me.
there is a bit of an advantage to buying, vs stealing....if the people are not innately cruel but just gives you the opportunity to talk with them. a couple of hundred dollars buys at least a bit of listening time if not too offensively unkind and rude ...sometimes people might hear something if gently said and be more compassionate to the next one.

and they will get another one anyway when this one dies or gets killed by a car when he is loose. my biggest issue is if we can handle him here..probably not, we just are not set up for him and his issues are not my area of expertise.
oh and can you call me please about jesse, we are seeing that other side of him that earned him the cage muzzle in his last home...i need some advice. thx.


Can I tell you my sad story Carol. I know a man who stole 2 young dogs from a terrible, terrible man. He saved their lives so they no longer had to life at the end of rope. Time passed and he went back. There were 2 other dogs living on the end of a rope. So 2 dogs were saved. But because of that, 2 other dogs now live in hell.

This story is over simplified but is a true story.


The chained up dog is in a terrible situation. I know that SAINTS works miracles and there is no doubt this dog needs a new lease on life.

I know you want him. I know he needs you. There is no question about either. Can you truly, honestly, safely, give him what he needs? If so, go for it!

My daughter has chimed in that there is a reason you came across the situation - that you can change the life of this dog for the better.

This decision will not be easy - they never are. But we know that you will do what is best for all involved. May God guide you.