Rescue Journal

i am bagged!!!!

Carol  ·  Apr. 1, 2009

and so are the dogs. that was a really long filming day and it was freaking cold! the crew left about 5pm, thank god one of the volunteers put the barn guys to bed while we were finishing up a couple of questions. they might be coming back tomorrow to finish off.

the saints were the saints..noisy, dirty, happy, little buggers with a couple of arguments...peluchie was a bit of a shit disturber and my finger was mistaken for a stick by jesse so i had to hide the bloody finger in my pocket til i could wash it up. the dogs are all wet and filthy, which means so is the house now cuz they always bring the dirt right inside with them to leave on the clean beds ...i guess i will be cleaning again tonight, what can you say except...oh well???

i am doing the diabetics early at 6 and then having a REALLY hot bath and if i can stay on my feet a bit longer i might get some of the muddy mess cleaned up.

i did ask when it would be airing but they don't know yet...hopefully they will tell us when they know so i can then tell you.

thank you to everyone for everything was a good day except i am pretty sure the lunacy of saints came shining thru loud and clear....ooops, it sucks to be nut bars but i suppose there are worse things to be.

like someone who turns a blind eye to animals and the things that they need.