Rescue Journal

there was some concern...

Carol  ·  Apr. 1, 2009

over if i would sleep last night or not. well i did. i got done everything i felt i had to do and went to bed by 2 am. i woke up at 2:45 cuz i was freaking hungry, i hadn't had dinner and my gut was protesting so i got up again and shared deb's peanut butter cookies and milk with maudie and was back in bed by 3.

i woke up at 6 and dragged my sorry ass out of bed a half an hour later. and now i am thinking of more tylenol for my continued headache and hitting macdonalds for breakfast while it makes my headache go away.

the troops are set to arrive at 8 am and the film crew at 10...the house looks pretty damn good this morning so it shouldn't take long with all of us to make it shine again.

i just want to tell everyone...there is NO smell in here ANYWHERE today. i actually woke up this morning to clean and fresh air. even with a headache...that feels pretty damn good.

ok..better get dressed and get my breaky before everyone gets here and wonders where i am.

wish us luck today...and please god...don't let me personally look like some kind of loopy animal nut on national TV.



I hope it isn't snowing there. It is here in Anmore!!!!ACK!! !Enough I say...