Rescue Journal

so despite my questionable sanity and telling the truth troubles...

Carol  ·  Apr. 2, 2009

life does go on at saints.

yesterday while we were busy filming a senior man and his quite elderly mother drove up with three cats that i am assuming were about to be in trouble too. we have no room...i was busy, they were sent away with our phone number but they have not phoned yet.

today carrie checked the messages...there are a couple of senior cats and a senior dog in trouble at one of the vets..i said no....sounds like a well loved crew who had a decent life...if they have to go now at least they had something.

niko...does anyone remember niko? he was a siberian husky rescue dog who the pound called me about last year. the people who had him were apparently fostering him in their minds, but had adopted him in the rescue's mind and they wanted to get rid of him because he had pain issues and bad ears. there were bad feelings on both sides and the rescue didn't have room for him again. so i went to see him...nice dog. i offered to pay the vet bills, put him under saints foster program and find him a home. they agreed, so we signed the paperwork and niko went off to the vet. when i tried to arrange photos to get him up on our site for adoption, the family balked and decided they wanted to keep him...ok fine, he'd been living with them for two years and i figured that with his vet stuff taken care of, they would finally commit to him as theirs. today we got a call, since he is apparently our dog, the people know they can't take him to the spca so they would like to bring him back please...well it is not exactly back cuz we never really had him but whatever, he needs to come here now anyway.

i told carrie to call them and get that dog tomorrow...i met him once for 5 minutes and we paid a couple of hundred dollars in vet bills but i committed to being there for the rest of his life if he ever needed...apparently he needs us again.

and then there is the 12 yr old shep/heeler cross with severe separation anxiety who spends alot of time in a crate sweating til he is soaking wet and bashing his face into the door. he just tried to bite a member of his family (twice) and there is a baby on it's way. dork, like he didn't have enough problems, he had to make it worse. we will take him but not til june cuz i need some time to try to get the numbers down here first. his family will hang on to him til then, it is still before the new babe is due to arrive.

and next is the 14 yr old border collie cross whose family just suffered a terrible some landlord issues and i think we might have to find room for him somehow. carrie is to give them my number.

and finally a 13 yr old lab/ridgeback cross...a new marriage blending 3 dogs and 2 cats into a condo that doesn't allow that many...i said too full and will be too full for many more months and maybe try finding a different place to live...that wasn't much help to them but i am fresh out of help today.

sissy had her dental surgery and lost quite a few teeth. she is very happy to be home.

maggie from TG is here and she is absolutely LOVELY.

tony and lexi are really sore again tonight and need an extra dose of pain meds. lexi is not to go on any more field runs...we are too close to losing control of her pain and if that happens, we lose her, which i can't even think about.

i think betsy is not eating so i will be watching her closely now.

apollo is finally moving out of the med room and into the house tomorrow. his blood sugars are still not controlled but i want him to have some space and freedom and choices for awhile if things don't get better health wise for him.

and since i have so many animals on my mind i am currently finished with questioning my self, my work, my life, my sanity... freak out on hold again.



These people who just use you to pay their beloved pets vet bills...make me sick..Do they ever come out n vollinteer to help with the cleaning or care of saints animals.... for a thanx for helping guess is NO..glad you stuck to your guns n said no to extra animals....what part of full don't they understand....With mounting vet/meds/food/staff give everything you have these it too much to ask to look after your own animals people....No wonder you like animals more than people....maybe we should have some of these people put down!!!!! :sniper:


June and Bobbi both really liked Saints and thought it was well organized and laid out. They thought all the animals were so happy. Thanks Renee for the barn tour. They enjoyed that too! Take care, Heidi