Rescue Journal

this should be a post on it's own (see i am cutting and pasting again!!!)

Carol  ·  Apr. 6, 2009


friday…i am working day has agreed to do the barn…lynne says she can do the house.

..still need help with the bunnies/felv/med room animals.

saturday…i am on a day off…mo will do the barn…lynne says she can do the house…i can do the bunnies/felv/med room guys and help lynn in the house.

sunday..i am working an afternoon shift..i will feed and set loose the barn guys and can clean the house before i leave for work. mo says she will come later to clean the barn and put them to bed.
..will need help with the bunnies/felv/med room guys

monday…i am working a day shift…mo will do the am feed/turn out and clean up the barn.
..will need help with the house and bunnies/felv/med room guys



Yes I have to agree, SAINTS is where the good life is and I am lucky to help with the gang.


Tammy you just know where the GOOD life is...up at Saints!! With the rest of us "lifers" who love the crippled crew.


Just letting you know again the I can make it on friday, saturday, sunday and monday (no life here).


i'm working on friday.
will be bringing shrek to eastridge for a check up on saturday and won't be coming out unless you really need me as i'm planning on coming out on the monday for a bit (eventhough I'm supposed to be studying for finals!) so i can do the cleaning (except someone has to do the bunnies cause i have no idea what to do)