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where the "we" came from....

Carol  ·  Apr. 7, 2009

it was from a rescue argument a few months before the diary entry and before the advent of saints. i was accused of being an egomaniac because i pretty much always use the first person..."i."

back then i did not want to be an i thought "we" was more politically correct and less egomaniacal...since then i have learned that there is stuff in rescue that "we" do and there is stuff that "i" do and there is nothing wrong with that.

in re-reading the diary entry...i had to laugh at my own stupidity...there honestly wasn't any "we" back in feb 2005...kathy k hadn't arrived yet and neither had mo...they both came in the spring....there was just me and my freaking big dream and a couple of dozen old, leaky animals.

not to say i was ALONE either. there were good folks i knew who helped me get the place started, helped me do the move...deb for one was there even back then but she hadn't become part of "we"...deb??? since you are stuck on the BOD...we are "we" now...yes???

but in is the thing about "we"......"we" can come and go..."we" can get mad...move on, take vacations, change our minds, uproot and transfer jobs to a whole different country...."we" can do alot of things that "i" cannot do.

very little in life is an absolute...except my current committment to the guys living here. and even i may one day decide to retire but it will take a long time in planning because when i retire, whoever is left here goes into retirement with me. never would i leave any behind...not even freakoid phoebe.

so that is what i learned over the past four years..."we" is "we" and "i" is "i" and they are similar and connected but fundamentally completely different stories.

and if that makes me an egomaniac, so be it..i can live with it cuz truthfully ain't no "we" getting peed on in bed at night...that would just be "me."

i have to say tho...i have been accused of egomania several times since then...well, if the shoe fits wear ego has accomplished alot in four years.

but really...back then, even after more than 10 years in rescue... i had no idea i was such an innocent baby.

looking back is fun....i think.



I think everyone who supports SAINTS in any way could be considered part of the WE. Not to discount what Carol and a few of the regulars do, because without them there would be no Saints at all, esp. Carol, but I think everyone counts and contributes. For example Bobbie came with me to a couple of the fundraisers and when an elderly man was at the vet donating his recently deceased animals items, Bobbie spoke up and asked if she could have it for Saints. She then sent a thank you card to the man. Now the vets and this man know of Saints. Who knows where that will lead. I have also left Saints my estate (after my mom, who is in her 70's). I know I feel the happiness and pain with Saints successes and shortcomings and I am sure so do alot of others, even if they have never stepped on Saints grounds. Ok I can get off my platform


Being a part of SAINTS at the very beginning and being part of "we" now are not one and the same. I think that there are two or three people without whom you would have a much more difficult time running the sanctuary. Those people might be part of a "we". Then there are those who are a step or two back. They are important, and you count on their help, but they are not really part of "we" either. I'm not part of "we", being a member of a BOD does not qualify anyone to be part of that tiny inner circle.
I think you know who would stand up and be counted if something disastrous happened. Not a huge number, but an important one.