Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 7, 2009

i leaped out of bed and had a quick bath this morning.

it was cold in here which i did not know til the alarm went off and i rolled over, came out from under the warm blanket and exposed my slightly soggy back to the cold air.

caspar peed the bed and consequently, because he was pressed up against me..peed on me too.

there certainly was no procrastination on my part on getting up today.

dolt...he can get up and down off the bed on his own...what was he thinking or was he just in that deep of a sleep?

anyway NOT a nice way to start the day.

shilo still looks pretty rough today and did not eat anything on her own over night...i haven't been out to check on betsy or mosley..i will see them before i go.

angel's ringworm is finally resolving...too bad they didn't choose to film this week,,,the weather is nicer and so is her nose.

niko does not like to come in to the entranceway at bedtime each night...his previous owner told me it took him 3 weeks before he would come into the house. he is old, he has arthritis...i do not want him sleeping out on the cold cement at night so i tricked him into the house with canned food last night. we put a karunda bed out there for him but he is a stubborn siberian mal so he won't use it.

anyway...he bolted out this morning and shot me a dirty look for making him stay in so long.

he really is a very expressive dog.

ok...better move my butt. i am clean now so i can go feed and let the barn guys out...poke the diabetics and then get ready for work.

i sure hope my continuing sinus trouble is not an allergy to animals from years of over exposure...i can actually feel the additional daily misery this will bring to me...where are the sinu-tabs this morning anyway????



LMAO about Nico... my guys will do the same and if they see me finally get my shoes they run lol. I have to physically go get them. We are starting our fences here now so soon they will have a night time potty area only so no deeking me out in the big yard at night :)


hi elaine i will be there at 900. thanks for the other loads of laundry. see you then lynne


Lynn what time will you be at Saints Friday. I will come and do Laundry Elaine 604 615 9936

I dont want to come alone with no regulars there as they are all new dogs except one or two thanks

Carol you are doing an awsome job

Chris T

Carol - have you tried sinus rinsing? I was resistant for years but holy crap it works. You can get the NeilMed system at London Drugs or costco and, while initially it is unpleasant, that goes away soon! Don't forget to warm it in the microwave a little too. Give it a try!