Rescue Journal

gawd, i am stupid!

Carol  ·  Apr. 9, 2009

while i checked on shilo before i went to bed last night and i did glance at her food impression was, they had not been touched.

this looks like just maybe she was taste testing during the night? but i am not all that sure because i did not burn the sight of the bowls and their exact configuration and contents right into my brain....grrrh.

i need to be sure. if she has decided to eat, even a little...then she has decided to try to live.

oh i could just slap myself for being so sure she was totally done that i shut the door on hope before the last minute and can't even answer if she ate a bit last night or not. but my gut says...maybe she did.

i pulled all of her food and water this morning...and put in measured fresh. i am going to cancel her appointment and re-book for tomorrow. and tomorrow i will know for sure, like i should have known this morning.

memo to myself...hope floats til it sinks close attention until the fat lady is done singing the very last note.

shit...tomorrow is a stat holiday, the clinics are closed...what the hell am i going to do now? oh!!!! i so freaking, hugely suck!



what is this about copper, is he just visiting heidi or is she keeping him. i k now she has always had a soft spot for him. hurray for copper if it is so.


I hope Shilo eats! Stats and w/e suck with sick animals as you anxiously watch them and the clock. Just wanted to let you know Copper is alive and well and no I don't want to kill him yet, he is being very good. Copper got us up at 630am and we went out for a pee then I threw him up on my bed and told him Trev and I don't do 630 so go back to sleep. Our next walk we ventured down Glover and Copper stopped and sat in front of all the restaurants. I had to drag him away from the IGA as they were open and the deli/hot food counter is in front of the door. Next was the Bistro, then the 50's dinner then the fish and chip shop. He missed the pizza place all together!!! Most were all still closed too! We will be out on Sat.


Can you make the appt for the end of the day so that you have all day to see if she eats by herself? Some clinics are just closed Fri and Mon but open Saturday too. My mantra for the day is "Eat Shilo Eat".