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SAINTS Documentary!!!

Chris  ·  Apr. 10, 2009

The SAINTS documentary will be on 10 pm CBC on the National tonight! Please tune in!



Carol, that was an AWESOME piece...well worth the wait(it brought tears to my eyes too).
My husband is in camp this week and he stayed up past his bed time to watch you...and he thought it was a wonderful piece and great exposure for your SAINTLY crew. And I loved Daphne but I'm fond of cocker spaniels and their wiggle butts.

Nigel Brown

I love the concept of a "senior animals hospice." Congrats on the CBC National documentary... next time I am driving close by I will come on by. My companion retriever/mareema cross Jake will probably want to visit as well! Many kudos to everyone involved.

Yvonne, Chris and Linkin the Lab

We (including the dog) were all transfixed on the TV as they featured SAINT on CBC. Words cannot express how thankful we are to know that there is someone like you to look out for these animals. You are an inspiration. We look forward to supporting your efforts. Best wishes to you and your organization.

Shawna MacNeil

We just saw the SAINTS documentary on CBC. Your work and love for all your senior charges touched our hearts.
We have a small company which designs and manufactures dog coats KOZY K-9. I see some of your dogs need some protection from the cold and damp. I'd like to send you gear to outfit your crew. Please let me know the number and sizes to fit - measure length in inches from the base of the nect to the base of tail.
Kepp up the great work!


I actually wrote you an e-mail but I wish to send it again through this blog.
wow, merci!!!

I just happened to learn about you and your organization on CBC and I have to admit that you are a real role model in the animal rescue world. I personally rescued 3 cats since 2001 - they were all adopted from the spca Montreal in their "early life" and they are all doing great. I also volunteered for a few years but I have my limits because of my work.... But I would like to do the same thing in the future.

I will make a donation to your organization, you really impressed me tonight - thank you for being a great role model - I am very happy to see that such an organization exists and there should be more. If you know that such organizations in the Gatineau-Ottawa area exists, let me know.

Thank you



Carol, I watched the story on SAINTS. How Wonderful!!! You did not sound crazy and you brought to light issues that society as a whole needs to address. It was an upbeat, hopeful story. I hope that animal groups around the world will see this story and use it to educate the public and to model future shelters after what you are doing.


Carol, that was just beautiful, beautiful, perfect!!!

You can watch it on life stream, if you follow Nicole's link.


Just saw the CBC documentary on Saints. Have sent you a modest donation. Good luck in your wonderful work!


I just learned about your work on the CBC news. God bless you and the work you do! Keep up the great work!


we have already gotten a couple of really lovely emails and half a dozen much needed i haven't even seen it yet!...10 oclock is like 2 and a half hours away!

Louise Ménard

Thank you Carole for taking such good care of these wonderful animals. Like us, they deserve to live. I believe in adopting elderly animals. Twice in my life I adopted old cats that nobody wanted and it was well worth it. The only thing that me sad is that I didn't have them a long time, Bubbles died of cancer and Moka never came back...But I would do it again!
They think I'm a crazy cat women also!!!


Amazing. I just watched it and it made me cry. Carol you came across as a very intelligent,caring person...I didn't see any crazy cat lady. Very well done!


I believe you can see it online at

and i think carol has someone who is able to burn it to a cd.


Does anyone know if this is streaming? Or if not, I suppose would maybe/perhaps/HOPEFULLY be in the archives at a later date?

I don't *do* cable or satellite.

Or if someone could tape it for me I would gladly pay for the cd and postage!!!