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SAINTS Documentary!!!

Chris  ·  Apr. 10, 2009

It is up on the CBC website. Here is the link:

I can't figure out to get this to link. It is like something is missing. Nicole?



thankyou so much, john, for posting that link. i could not find any other way of looking atthe video.

John McMaster

Go there and then look at the video on the audio/video section.


ps, carol, i dropped my camera one too many times this week and it's broke. so no more admitting any new animals because then the site will be even more out of date than i've already let it go.
i will post the new guys tomorrow night when i should be studying.


it's here:
about 25 minutes in.


K, that made me cry. I'm a pussy. ( saw it late streamed )

That was a fantastic interview Carol!

You came off knowledgeable and informed, as you are. Good on you! And the animals were endearing beyond words.

Who would not want to smoosh up on that naked Chi ( was it Sissy? ), and was that Lucky the blind GR in the pond? Love and devotion personified.