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new incoming...

Nicole  ·  Apr. 11, 2009

he is a young male goat brought in to a clinic in surrey for euthanasia because of a broken leg. Thankfully for the goat a friend of mine works at the clinic and called me to see if SAINTS had any room for another goat. (Mo please don't kill me for helping add to the number of farm guys).

Carol might have more info to add when she's back from her easter dinner, but for now here is a teeny tiny photo my friend send via her cell.

As of yet he has no name. (i'm suggesting Rammie, but only Amy H will get that and not veto my choice)




How about the name Stu. I wanted a rabbit named Stu
(get it rabbit stu) but that hasn't happened and I kind of like the name Stu.