Rescue Journal

yesterday went sideways

Carol  ·  Apr. 15, 2009

my whole plan for the day was useless and i got to neither of the things that is really stressing me out...the stuff for the accountant and answering the 75 emails. both of which are weighing heavily on me cuz they need to be done asap. it is so stupid...there are people asking for our address to send donations and once the year end is done we can apply for the gst rebate and my personal income tax refund which will bring in some more much needed money. and i can't get to them for another week now because i don't get a staffed day off from here until next monday.

it just pisses me off that last night i fell asleep at 9 pm when i could have stayed up to midnight and at least gotten the emails done.

i was soooo thinking of a sick day today to do the emails and accountant thing..and it is making me sick too...but...i have some complicated things to do which i am doing cuz no one else working today, knows how to do....if i take a sick paid work's whole day is totally screwed up too.

ah of these days i am going to have to quit one of my jobs, either the paid or the "for free"...i am thinking it is eventually inevitable...and that will really suck even more cuz i don't want to quit either of my jobs.... i just want to be able to have more hours of working and less of sleeping i suppose.

the good news is the new goat is happy...the house is spotlessly clean and 50 bales of decent $7/bale hay arrived last evening so no more $25.99 bales of timothy hay to spoil the barn guys with....and our wonderful farmer knocked off the delivery fee.


Chris T

Can I help you with the emails? I am very good at that. I could go through them, answer the ones I can and leave the other ones for you...

cheryl and stef

Carol, could you use 10 more bales for free. It is the hay that we delivered last time...guite coarse and some of or guys will not eat it so we are having to go with the 20$ a bale orchard grass until our dairy farmer cuts in a couple of months. Let me know if you would like it and we can get it out to you in the next few days...

take care
cheryl and stef